Subject: MAX Digest - 26 Jun 1998 to 27 Jun 1998
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 1998 00:00:06 -0400
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  1. Remembering Open Windows
  2. MAX Digest - list of lists


Date:    Sat, 27 Jun 1998 02:57:22 -0400
From:    Roland Hemming <100414.2220@COMPUSERVE.COM>
Subject: Remembering Open Windows

Stephen Kay does the same as me to remember open windows. There was also an
object by Steve Ellison that got all the window position and status
information for you. Can't remember what it was called (thiswindow?) and
don't think its FAT.

The new (Max3.5x) messages to the thispatcher object give you window
position that you can store in a coll. David Z didn't want to add an extra
int to that list, to say whether the window was open or not despite my
protestations :-) So we have to use active...

Another cool Max3.5x window thing you can do is you can move windows off
screen. This means you can make your application open with no visible
windows. Just send your main patcher a message from a remote patcher then
make your collective.

Also when someone closes a window I open it again off screen. This gives
the otherwise useless 'windows' menu some use, as it can then give you a
list of all windows available not just the ones open at the time.

As far as I am aware there is no hook in MAX for when a user selects quit.
David Z, why can't menubar give this as a message to us? We can then quit
max ourselves. The only way to remember window position is after your
filesaving routine (as I do) or to continiously poll your windows for their



Date:    Sat, 27 Jun 1998 13:46:29 +0100
From:    john magarshack 
Subject: Re: MAX Digest - list of lists

Hi!     I am and have been a very frequent user of lists in lists - I
agree, no composer can do without them! I find for my applications there
are many ways of doing it in MAX (for a LISP based program such as
PatchWork or OpenMusic this is simpler - perhaps this is a better
solution!). The one I use most is with PRESETs adressing home-made patchers
containing individual lists and commanded themselves with PRESETs. Each
list is simply adressed by sending its reference number.        Maybe I'm
not in the right court though, and your application is quite different. I
hope this is some help!


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