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  1. Working with lists of lists? (2)
  2. Authorisation losses
  3. sound installation with max/msp
  5. how many minimoogs on a g3?


Date:    Sun, 21 Jun 1998 23:43:32 -0600
From:    "Pablo Silva-Escuela Nacional de Musica,
Subject: Working with lists of lists?

Hello again:

My thanks to everyone who answered to my last post. However, no one
commented on the possibility of working with lists of lists... Should I
assume that the only way of storing these would be merging several lists
into a big one and then dealing with the problems inherent to splitting
these in a fool-proof manner?

Thanks for your help

Pablo Silva


Date:    Mon, 22 Jun 1998 10:04:44 +0200
From:    Roland Cahen & Ruth Sefton-Green 
Subject: Authorisation losses

I have had recently a very interesting exchange with Allen Cronce President
of PACE Anti-Piracy
about authorisation losses.
I think that you (and Opcode) may be concerned by his very nice answer
folowing :
Roland Cahen
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Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 11:07:28 -0800
To: Roland Cahen & Ruth Sefton-Green 
From: Allen Cronce 
Subject: Re: Lostauthorizations

Greetings Roland,

> Thank you

You're welcome.

(my answer to his fisrt answer :
 > I do highly apreciate a real answer such as this one.
> 1)The version 2 of max was lost because installing on a diffrerent machine
> (PPC 7200)

PACE answer :
I don't understand how installing on a different machine constitutes
authorization loss. Usually you can remove authorization from one machine
and install on a new one. Can you be more specific regarding this problem?

> 2)One mac was stolen on a tour whith  max on it

Well Roland, there's not too much we can do about this.

> 3)Someone formated a disk for urgent use without checking other users.

If your copy of Max was protected with InterLok, formatting would not have
caused permanent authorization loss. Most of the time you would not even be
asked for the key diskette after initializing the drive. Worst case though
would be that you would be asked show your key diskette again and it would
have reauthorized without losing a count. If this is not what happened,
then it's likely that Max was protected with older software that doesn't
support this capability.

> 4)Someone lent me a key disk of Max 3.5.8 for OS 8 I installed it on my
> external disk wating for my copy to arrive from USA. Once I wanted to
> retreive it, it refused. I must say that I was using Max 3.5.9. which was
> allready intall with my former key from OS 7.5.3(II)

You should have been able to remove authorization regardless of the

> 5) As I was mooving with my external disk from one machine to another, and
> as I always need to keep my key disk on me, I happend to be unable to
> reauthorize and had to give away a new authorization.

One of the features of InterLok is that you can turn an external disk drive
into a "virtual dongle" that can be moved at will to different machines
without requiring reuthorization.

All of the above problems point to the likelyhood of an older version of
PACE. If Max was protected with InterLok, you should not have experienced
the above problems (except for the theft of your machine.)

Could you please contact Opcode to determine which PACE version they used
on your version of Max? If they have not used InterLok, I suggest you
encourage them to update their software. After all, InterLok has been
shipping for almost two years now and it offers users like yourself real
benefits over the previous versions.

Good luck and best regards,

Allen Cronce
PACE Anti-Piracy
Vox:(408)297-7444, ext. 41


Date:    Mon, 22 Jun 1998 19:13:00 +0900
From:    nobuyasu sakonda 
Subject: sound installation with max/msp


My sound installation "water machine" is now runnig at Xebec hall (Kobe,
I put 8 sets of basic system there which consist of small water tank,
underwater-pump, lighting, photo-sensor, analog VCA circuit, powered
PowerMac 8500/150 with Max/MSP.

With sounds of water, my patch generated human-voice-like sounds by formant
synthesis techniques. The oscillator sound referes to the wave form table
which is in realtime rewritten by motions of the surface of water. If you
near, check this.

                sound installation "water machine"
                period: 1998.6.7 - 7.5
                            10:00am - 6:00pm (every day)
                place: xebec foyer (Kobe, Japan)
                charge: free
                phone: 078-303-5600 (xebec)

thank you

nobuyasu sakonda

SAKONDA Nobuyasu (composer)

5-4-8-603, Oishi-higashimachi, Nada, Kobe, 657-0043 Japan
phone & fax:  +81-(0)78-882-2263


Date:    Mon, 22 Jun 1998 09:00:29 -0400
From:    Chris Murtagh Hrdc-drhc 

Greetings all,

For everyone's benefit, the administrator's email address is
''.  At the moment (probably very briefly), the
servers seem to be down in Montreal (all of my login attempts and pings
fail). If this happens,  and you need list info NOW!, then you can always
try one of my other email addresses listed below (yeah, I know, I'm an
email geek), but please try '' first as that is the
one that get checked most often.


Christopher Murtagh
MAX listserv owner
Original Text
From: "Walter Sheluk" , on 6/21/98 8:48 PM:
What is the Email address for the MAX list administrator?


Walter Sheluk


Date:    Mon, 22 Jun 1998 09:15:17 -0700
From:    Les Stuck 
Subject: how many minimoogs on a g3?

>--- It's hard to evaluate the processing power by looking only at the
>figures for number of oscillators given on David Z's home page. can
>somone give figures on say how many DX7 voices can be done
>simultaneously on a 266MHZ G3? Or MiniMoog voices? Surely people have
>already written emulators for the like.

well, i've *almost* built a minimoog, but then i got disctracted by
more interesting things.

if you download the runtime version and check out "msp examples",
you'll find a synth that has choice of waveforms or noise, a filter
envelope, an amplitude envelope, a very simple fm source, and a
"casio" voice. on a g3/266, can can get 8 voices of this synth.

so don't throw away your samplers and synths just yet. (wait at
least until the g4 comes out). in the meantime, once you start
playing with msp, you'll start having ideas to build your own
weird stuff--things that don't exist yet--and connecting your
weird things in weird ways.

i guess that's the whole point: think differently.

>--- Does a card like the Audomedia III allow for the processing
>associated to audio objects to be done inside it, or is the speedup due
>to reasons of interface? What kind of speedup do you get with such a

no. all the processing is done on the mac processor. in fact, the
card requires the mac to use some of its processing power to talk
to the card. however, cards may sound better than the apple hardware,
and you get more ins and outs.



Date:    Mon, 22 Jun 1998 13:14:46 -0400
From:    Stephen Kay 
Subject: Working with lists of lists?

>My thanks to everyone who answered to my last post. However, no one
>commented on the possibility of working with lists of lists... =

The coll object stores a list at each address.  Therefore, you can
store many "lists of lists".  Check it out...

Stephen Kay


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