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  1. Working with lists of lists?


Date:    Sat, 20 Jun 1998 20:39:50 -0600
From:    "Pablo Silva-Escuela Nacional de Musica,
Subject: Working with lists of lists?

Hello fellow Maxers!

I've been having a couple of what I think are easy problems with MAX, but
somehow I seem to be a bit over my knowledge, so I hope any of you could
help me out. I'd really appreciate any help, either on the list or

1) I've been needing some kind of a "one-shot" gate, which means some kind
of object that would let a control message pass through once and then
close up until being reset. I remember once patching one out of a couple
of normal objects, but I wonder whether I am just missing some aspect of
an existing object. What happens is that I am playing around with that
dangerous thing called a short feedback loop and to avoid a system crash
an object like I describe would be just the thing. Using the output of the
gate to close it somehow doesn't seem to work fast enough I could send you
my patches if this could shed some light on my pernicious activities ;_)
What I'm basically trying to do is to use the carry count output of a
counter object -which, BTW, controls a cyclical coll read- to trigger a
redefinition of its own min and max count, (when necessary) by means of a
waiting message box. The problem I've been having is that resetting the
counter object of course also resets the carry count, so an open
connection back to the waiting message box leads to stack overflow
immediately. To my surprise, using a select box to filter the 0 that comes
first out of the carry count output when counter is reset didn't work at
all. May it all be a matter or which left to right order I'm using for the

2) How can I get coll to store a list of lists? Or should I try some other
object? I've been building a coll-sequencer to store both notes and their
associated data but because at the heart of all this is a coll object, my
little patch is now limited to being monophonic, which is definitely a
disadvantage for what I need in my composition. And though I can always
string up a bunch of duplicates of my patch for polyphony I think it would
be much more elegant and convenient to solve it all with one patch.


Pablo Silva


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