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Topics of the day:

  1. Gesture Synthesizer ?
  2. oops
  3. Reminder: Forum workshops at CNMAT
  4. MAX Digest - 6 Jun 1998 to 7 Jun 1998


Date:    Mon, 8 Jun 1998 22:15:04 +1000
From:    Garth Paine 
Subject: Gesture Synthesizer ?

Hi Nick
As someone who works in interactive dance and sound installations I was
fascinated by your comment about a

>Gesture Synthesizer for Electronic Sound Device.

Please tell more !!



See information about my new immersive interactive sound installation at

<<  ><  >>
. Composer, Sound Designer
.. Interactives Designer
... Interactive Installation Artist
.... Exhibition Consultant
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Date:    Mon, 8 Jun 1998 08:12:40 EDT
From:    Bob Gluck 
Subject: oops

Reading the latest Maxlist, I notice that there have been two copies, both
mangled, of my CD release announcement. I'm not sure why this happened, but
sorry for the wasted bandwidth--not my intention.

Bob Gluck
Sheffield, MA


Date:    Mon, 8 Jun 1998 19:27:53 +0100
From:    Vincent Puig 
Subject: Reminder: Forum workshops at CNMAT

First US edition jointly organized by CNMAT and IRCAM
July 6-7, 1998 - CNMAT, Berkeley, CA.

Forum IRCAM was created in September 1993 and today has about 1000 users
world-wide. The Forum's activities are organized in three thematic groups :
Computer Aided Composition, Sound Design and Real Time Performance.

The main goal of this Forum Workshop is to present the most recent features
and applications of IRCAM software available in each of its thematic groups
- Computer Aided Composition
Patchwork and OpenMusic : programmable graphic environments for editing and
manipulating musical structures.
- Sound Design
AudioSculpt : sound analysis, processing and synthesis, Modalys : synthesis
based on physical models, Diphone : for building musical phrases from a
dictionary of analysis segments.
- Real Time Performance
MAX and MSP Applications such as Spat (IRCAM 3D audio technology) and
the Jimmies (former ISPW DSP modules).

This workshop will concentrate on Macintosh applications but other
platforms developments such as Spat (IRCAM's real-time 3D audio system in
the Max/FTS environment on SGI) will be presented.

Monday July 6, 1998 - 10:00 to 18:00

The first day of this workshop will be dedicated to IRCAM's presentations
featuring :
- General introduction to the Forum (Vincent Puig)
- PatchWork and OpenMusic (Richard Dudas)
- Diphone (Xavier Rodet)
- AudioSculpt and Modalys (Richard Dudas)
- Spat (Jean Marc Jot)
- MAX and MSP applications (Richard Dudas)
- Studio Online - IRCAM's sound and sound processing server project
(Vincent Puig)

For each piece of software a quick introduction will be proposed for
new-comers and new features and applications will then be emphasized,
although knowledge of the software will not be a pre-requisite.

19:00 Forum reception

Tuesday July 7, 1998 - 10:00 to 18:00

The second day is open to presentations of software applications, musical
compositions, videos or sound installations (especially from CNMAT) which
make use of IRCAM tools (1/2 to 1 hour). Other software applications
related to the
Forum groups will be considered (especially those using CNMAT tools). MSP
applications and projects are highly welcomed.

David Zicarelli will be a special guest of this workshop and will present
the latest developments of MSP.

20:00 Concert

Proposals (abstract and equipment needed) should be sent by email, fax or
regular mail before June 22, 1998 using the form available at : or this one :


The FORUM workshops are usually open to FORUM members only. However, for
its first edition in the US, these workshops will be exceptionally freely
open to all

Last name :                             First name :

Organization :

Address :

Telephone :                     Fax :

0 I wish to participate in the Forum IRCAM software workshops jointly
organized by CNMAT and IRCAM on July 6 - July 7, 1998.

0 I wish to present the following work during the workshops:

(please send a short abstract and a list of the equipment you need)

Proposals must be sent before June 22, 1998.
Registration form must be sent before June 29, 1998 to :

1750 Arch Street
Berkeley, CA 94709-1328
Fax : 510 642 7918
email :

Vincent Puig
1 place Igor Stravinsky
75004 Paris
Tel: 01 44 78 49 59
Fax: 01 44 78 15 40
email :


Date:    Mon, 8 Jun 1998 18:26:53 -0400
From:    baxtrr 
Subject: Re: MAX Digest - 6 Jun 1998 to 7 Jun 1998

>IEEE 1393 (aka Firewire)
>would make a robust digital audio interface
>This is reinforced by the fact that
>the New MOTU digital audio
>interface allows you to chain multiple boxes via Firewire

not precisely true:
one may chain multiple boxes via firewire cables
but this does not mean that the data passed
is firewire data

i have heard
that mark of the unicorn has rejected firewire
as a reliable standard for that much realtime bandwidth
and are planning to use their own data format
over the commonly available 'firewire' hardware

do enough people
have enough desire
for confirmation/denial of this
to warrant a telephone call
to my source?

if so
say so
i will try to comply

>And, God help us if a couple of more antiorps turn up on other
>communications media, because we might then start all using "!nt gum nt"
>as a valid mode of expression. I would guess that antiorp himself
>(herself? itself?) would be the last creature on the planet who would
>wish that to happen.

i prefer haiku:

out of range error
patcher spirals down in flames
max has limits too


baxtrr the cd muse


End of MAX Digest - 7 Jun 1998 to 8 Jun 1998