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Topics of the day:

  1. msp-features
  2. Studio 4 - multiple computers
  3. sfplay~ and loops / error -49


Date:    Sat, 23 May 1998 22:42:44 -0700
From:    David Zicarelli 
Subject: Re: msp-features

karl kliem  suggests a number of features that
would certainly be nice additions to the buffer~ object's sample
display window. Some of these features don't really make any
sense given the relationship between buffer~ and the objects
that use it (for instance, there isn't really a current playback
position...that's internal to an object such as play~ or groove~).
But it might be fruitful to think of loops or other regions as
resources usable by objects that use buffer~. We'll see.

David Z.


Date:    Sun, 24 May 1998 05:15:34 -0400
From:    Roland Hemming <100414.2220@COMPUSERVE.COM>
Subject: Studio 4 - multiple computers

My penniworth about 2 computers.

When I enquired with Tim Self a number of years ago I was told the

It is impossible to link 2 computers to a studio5 as that would mean a
complete re-design of the unit. BTW the studio5 has only one processor.

The studio4 is apparantly a reverse engineered Midi Time Piece and you
can link 2 computers to it.

Not that I've ever tried linking 2 computers to one...



Date:    Sun, 24 May 1998 12:06:40 +0200
From:    Thierry Fournier 
Subject: sfplay~ and loops / error -49

Dear Maxers,

first question:
Is it possible to loop sounds with sfplay~ in MSP or is it possible only
when loading the file in RAM with buffer~, groove~, etc... ?
I use some files which are looped in SDII or Peak, and their loops do
work perfectly with groove~ .
Because of the limitation of the available RAM, I would want to use
sfplay~ object to simply read looped files which doesn't need any other
I attempted to send a
"seek (beg loop point) (end loop point)" message to a sfplay object
loaded with the same file.
The result is just an ugly white noise sound...
The curious thing is that I can send any "seek x y" message to the
sfplay~ object - and it works - EXCEPT a little range around the good
What did I miss :-(  ?
Is there a better method - or is it impossible ?

second question :
What could be the origin of frequent "error -49" when loading a file in
a buffer~ object ? In the same conditions, sometimes it works, sometimes

Thank you in advance for any suggestion
Thierry Fournier
72 Boulevard de la Villette 75019 Paris France


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