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  1. Ai Yai Yai!! (Re: Studio 4)
  2. please send me the MAX Digest - 20 May 1998 to 21 May 1998
  3. msp-features
  4. Opcode Tech Support - Studio 4


Date:    Fri, 22 May 1998 22:45:47 -0700
From:    James Livingston 
Subject: Ai Yai Yai!! (Re: Studio 4)

>in the last few years. One bit of information that James can provide might
>be enlightening, have there been any updates to the studio 4 ROMs? We might
>be dealing with some early release models here.

The most current version of the Studio 4 ROM is 022393.  It is a user
installable upgrade and is available to all registered Studio 4 owners for
no charge.



Date:    Sat, 23 May 1998 02:26:47 -0400
From:    Jon Witte 
Subject: please send me the MAX Digest - 20 May 1998 to 21 May 1998

Hello to all,

Could someone please send me the Max Digest for May 20 to May 21 1998.
I trashed mine by accident.

Thanx in advance

Jon Witte - Music Machine Studio


Date:    Sat, 23 May 1998 21:23:14 +0200
From:    karl kliem 
Subject: msp-features

guten tag,

first i'd like to thank d.z. for the superb max/msp-thing. but, as a
notoriously discontented person, there are always some things missing to me.
i made a list of features that i would yearn for being available in msp.
most of them are available in stand-alone applications like recycle
(, wavesurgeon ( and the like.
the following features relate to the wavetable-window of buffer~-object:

- track the peaks in a buffer~-object or in an aiff/sdII-file with variable
   of peak-tracking.
- set and display cue-points/markers and loop-in/loop-out markers within
   the window.
- set cue-points/markers-display via inlet of buffer~.
- import/export sounddesignerII-regions as cue-points/markers.
- save cue-points/markers and loop-points within an aiff or sdII-file.
- crossfade between two cue-points / loop-points for smooth transitions.
- draw a selection-area. shift-clicking extends
   selection. (like ichi's usnd and any other sample-editor)
- option-clicking between two markers selects area between markers (like
   bias peak (
- display a cursor at the current playback-position.
- control size, location and appearance of the window. (like with
- control the zoom of the window externally. even better would be a
  continuous zoom. (like in metasynth (
- display an overview of the complete file on top of the zoom-view. display
   a rectangle within the overview that illustrates the part of the current
- choose between different sample-wave colours. (black would be fine ;-)
- flexible preload-data management with disk-based audio-files for scubbing
  through a long file with variable speed in both directions.

- sizeable dials

is there a chance to see any of the features realized in the foreseeable

vielen dank.
karl kliem


Date:    Sat, 23 May 1998 21:04:21 -0400
From:    Richard Zvonar 
Subject: Re: Opcode Tech Support - Studio 4

I would caution all concerned that flamefests can get out of control, often
with worse results than simple hurt feelings (I'm think of the Mackie
debacle of a few years back).

I agree with Robert Henke that discussion groups can often provide better
tech support than official channels, but when the discussion also includes
a company's tech support representative we have a rare opportunity to
benefit from both manufacturer and end-user expertise. Let's not blow it!

Concerning the Studio 4, I've had a couple personal experiences with
problems. In one case, I was finding that the unit would spontaneously lose
its current state and remap MIDI channels. It took some time to isolate the
problem, but by working closely with Butch Rovan at Opcode we were able to
determine that it was heat related and a fix was forthcoming. All Studio 4s
since that time are more robust as a result. A second problem, having to do
with the failure of Max's rtin object when using a Studio 4 (but not a
Studio 5) was not resolved (I haven't checked it lately - maybe it works

The trick with tech support is often to connect with the right guy/gal and
to convince him/her that you really *have* tried everything in the manual
and it still doesn't work. Some bugs are elusive.

Richard Zvonar, PhD                    
(818) 788-2202 voice                   
(818) 788-2203 fax                     



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