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  2. CM Automation
  3. Elegant Solutions?
  4. Elegant Solutions? (Addendum)


Date:    Tue, 24 Feb 1998 10:50:43 -0000
From:    Nick Rothwell 
Subject: Re: platforms

> How fast does a Plus run? 16MHz? Ah, memories.

I sequenced my recently-released album on an SE/30, which is also
16MHz I think. It ran MAX and Vision in parallel, synchronised by MIDI
Manager or locked to beat clock from an Alesis BRC, and I never had a
single problem with it. My machine for stage use is a (25MHz)
PowerBook 170, which has never caused me any problems - the heaviest
MAX code I have just causes the cursor to freeze every now and then
for a fraction of a second.

To this day I have never used a PowerPC machine. I'm not sure I've
even seen one in the flesh.

Who was it at Apple who described the Macintosh II as "so fast, it can
do an infinite loop in 30 seconds"?

        Nick Rothwell, CASSIEL            contemporary dance projects            music synthesis and control

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Date:    Tue, 24 Feb 1998 08:28:13 -0700
From:    Keith McMillen 
Subject: CM Automation

I have an old CM Automation 8 channel gain fader pack. It's the one that
has 4 controls on the front Mute, Max, Patch, Fade. Does anyone have a
manual for one of these or remember how to set the MIDI channel and the
base controller number?




Date:    Tue, 24 Feb 1998 11:42:30 +0000
From:    "C. Todd Robbins" 
Subject: Elegant Solutions?


I wonder if anyone can suggest a cool way to do the following;

I have created a "graphic" window in which I've abutted 32 pixel square
PICS objects into a 5x5 grid. I want the appropriate PICS object to
animate when the mouse is over it. (MIDI info will also be triggered, of

OK. So I use MouseState to find out where the mouse is, and I set the
0,0 point on the top right point of my grid.

The tack I have been taking is to compare the X and Y mouse position to
a string of less-than and greater-than objects. From this I'm able to
figure out which PICS object should animate, but it gets cumbersome, and
I imagine will slow things down when I make the grid as big as I
ultimately want it to be (that is, I ultimately want it to fill a 640 x
480 pixel screen area).

Maybe this is the only way to do it, and if it is I'll happily toil
away, and pray that my G3 will give me the performance I'm looking for.

What I'm really hoping is that there is some programmer's trick for
dealing with this kind of problem. (I'm thinking of the mod [%]
function, which I had no awareness of, but after someone told me about
it, has become one of my most used Max objects. It does such a simple
thing, yet is so useful.)

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this subject.


C. Todd Robbins


Date:    Tue, 24 Feb 1998 13:34:35 +0000
From:    "C. Todd Robbins" 
Subject: Elegant Solutions? (Addendum)

(To add to my post of a few hours ago.)

I was a liberal arts major (music) graduating in 1989, the pre-dawn of
ubiquitous personal computing, so some things still scare me...

BUT, I now know the ways of "if-then-else", and it *helps* my previously
described mess.

Still seeking a more elegant solution.


C. Todd Robbins


Date:    Tue, 24 Feb 1998 23:18:45 +0100
From:    Peter Castine 
Subject: Re: platforms

Ed Hartley reminisced:
>          How fast does a Plus run? 16MHz? Ah, memories.

16MHz would have been zooooooooooooooming on a Plus.

The original Skinny Mac, Fat Mac, Mac Plus, and SE all ran at 8MHz.

And I was recently reminded that Lisa (remember her?) ran at a whopping



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