Subject: MAX Digest - 23 Feb 1998
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 00:00:58 -0500
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Date:    Mon, 23 Feb 1998 19:01:34 -0600
From:    =cw4t7abs 
Subject: Digest Special issue

>What a beautiful thing to do with Max!





Date:    Mon, 23 Feb 1998 20:26:33 -0600
From:    =cw4t7abs 
Subject: 22  1998 23 F eb 1998

>smaller pict is accompanied by a 2 pixel white border
>>on the bottom and right edges.  Is this a bug in pict or am I missing
>>some params?  Any and all suggestions are appreciated!

d!sz bug = k!kx.

>This is a problem which cropped up a while back - about 12 months ago. I
>too was having the same problem in 2.5. I don't know if 3.5.x has
>fixed this [? anyone] - I haven't looked yet. The only solution has been
>to effectively mask around your PICT - bottom and r.h.s - with a
>Rect(angle) which doesn't come with the same problem. This means three
>jobs intead of 1 which, if they're moving too, can be processor intensive.

 > dzen ut!l!z!ng dze bug kode 4 kreat!v matter jas.


Date:    Mon, 23 Feb 1998 22:20:34 -0500
From:    Ed Hartley 
Subject: Re: platforms

> >  I would like to know if 2.5
> > runs on a 68000 processor or if it requires a 68030 or better;

I first learned Max on a Mac Plus back in '91 in college. Was 2.5 out by
so, that's the version we used. It worked fine but... I just can't imagine
on such a slow computer now. How fast does a Plus run? 16MHz? Ah, memories.

Ed Hartley


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