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  1. UDP 1.1
  2. Now Availabel: The QKSend Package


Date:    Wed, 28 Jan 1998 22:10:23 -0800
From:    Alex Stahl 
Subject: Re: UDP 1.1

>From:    Matt Wright 
>Subject: Announcing new Max UDP/OpenSoundControl objects

The link to the archive itself, from the URL posted for the new UDP,
appears to be broken.
However I was able to get the new objects from:



Date:    Thu, 29 Jan 1998 18:54:35 +0100
From:    Peter Castine 
Subject: Now Availabel: The QKSend Package

Dear Colleagues,

The promised QKSend package has been uploaded to what I think are the =
correct & standard sites, to wit:


Someone will tell me if they should have gone somewhere else.

What do they do?

>QKSend and the other external objects in this package are used for =
>Apple Events to QuicKeys. This allows you to incorporate QuicKeys=B9 =
>to control other applications into any Max Patcher.
>The obvious examples are, admittedly, trivial: Play middle C to empty the
>trash or use your breath controller to set your Mac=B9s loudspeaker =
>But we have found the QKSend package to be a godsend with controlling
>Bliss Paint from Max (switch screen color depth, open Bliss, configure
>MIDI, choose Scribblers and Distributors, and go; all from one loadbang).
>You may find a use for it, too.



PS: Thanks to Jeff Burns for talking me into doing this; thanks to =
David Z. for some sample code on doing Apple Events in Max.

---------------- =
Dr. Peter Castine           | I believe that the use of noise to make   | music will continue and increase until =
                            | reach a music produced through the aid =
                            | electrical instuments.  -- John Cage, =


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