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Topics of the day:

  1. interactive music/multimedia standard environments
  2. REAL WORLD keystrokes
  3. applescript?
  4. Visiting Position at Brown University
  5. OMS on PB2400
  6. Nick Rothwell's CD LISTEN/MOVE


Date:    Sun, 18 Jan 1998 23:30:45 -0600
From:    =cw4t7abs 
Subject: interactive music/multimedia standard environments

>From:    "C. Smith!" 
>Subject: I objektz 2 th!s krap

>> msp seems 2take over the snd manager input 1ns max = aktivatd.
>> !z d!sz intentional || special feature ov demo || odr_?
>> ichi.s aiff kan no longr rekord if msp present.
>I was wondering if anybody has made a Max object to translate this guys

= auxlang. + !=  krap
aktivate dze korrekt
neurohumoral synaptik transm!ssion effektor sitez + u
may understand.unitz ov snobb!zm.

+ translate this guys posts?

= secs!zt krap matter.
syntagmatik-paradigmatik permutationz ov dze
language. + kuantized.

doez any1 hav dze w.server + !z willing to share the sorss kode. = kuerry
+ loop.


Date:    Mon, 19 Jan 1998 09:48:44 -0500
From:    Elliott Earls 
Subject: REAL WORLD keystrokes

I'm new to the list so please excuse me if this question has been asked:

My goal is to play notes on my midi keyboard that are then sent to my mac
as if they were simple keystrokes on the ascii keyboard.

[note: What I'm actually attempting to do is controll Supercard from a
midi keyboard. Here's what I've got so far.

a.Mac#1. Midi Keyboard plugged into this mac. Running studio vision.
b.Mac#2. Running a Supercard project that uses "on KEYSTROKE" handlers.

c.When I play specific midi notes on the keyboard I want to be able to
somehow convert them into simple Keystrokes. (like an ascii a or b.)
  wis it possible for max to take emulate keystrokes and "SEND THEM TO
does this make any sense? can anyone help


Date:    Mon, 19 Jan 1998 10:08:51 -0500
From:    Elliott Earls 
Subject: applescript?

is it possible to use max running in the background on a Mac to respond
to simple notes on a keyboard. translate them to applescript then send
them to another application?

thanks in advance


Date:    Mon, 19 Jan 1998 15:03:02 -0500
From:    todd_winkler@BROWN.EDU
Subject: Visiting Position at Brown University



The Department of Music at Brown University announces a position at the
level of visiting assistant professor.  The term of this appointment, which
begins in September 1998, will be for one year.  The contract is not
renewable.  We seek a composer with a strong specialization in computer
music capable of teaching courses in composition and theory with
distinction and enhancing the intellectual life of the department.  The
responsibilities for this position include teaching two courses each
semester, directing undergraduate independent studies projects, and taking
an active role in the administration of the MacColl Studio for Electronic
Music.  Applicants must have completed an advanced degree (M.A., M.F.A.,
Ph.D., or D.M.A.) in composition and demonstrate successful teaching
experience at the university level.

Deadline for receipt of applications and all supporting materials is March
1, 1998.  Applicants should send a letter describing their experience and
interests together with a curriculum vitae, samples of compositions,
graduate school transcripts, and five letters of recommendation to:

                        Professor Gerald Shapiro
                        Chair, Search Committee
                        Department of Music
                        Brown University
                        Box 1924
                        Providence, RI  02912

Brown offers the B.A. in music, the M.A. in music (with concentrations in
composition and ethnomusicology), and the Ph.D. in music (with a
concentration in ethnomusicology).  The Department of Music, with a faculty
of eleven supported by professional library and technical staff as well as
some twenty instructors in applied music, enrolls about a dozen graduate
students, thirty undergraduate majors, and more than a thousand general
students annually.  It supports an Appalachian string band, Balinese
gamelan angklung, chamber music groups, chorus, Ghanaian drumming group,
jazz bands, orchestra, Trinidadian steel band, wind symphony, and a
resident string quartet.  Its technical resources include the MacColl
Studio for Electronic Music and a University Multimedia Lab.  The Orwig
Music Library houses the Koetting Ethnomusicology Archive and the Neiman
Archive of Sound Recordings.  Among the Special Collections of the John Hay
Library are the Harris Collection of American Poetry and Plays, which
includes over 17,000 musical works from the 17th century to the present,
and a collection of more than 500,000 pieces of sheet music.

Brown University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity


Date:    Mon, 19 Jan 1998 23:50:04 +0000
Subject: OMS on PB2400

BUYO-BUYO-IGOR @ SaRiGaMa's Oil Vending Orchestra writing.
My friend bought PB2400(PPC603e) and we're planning to install my MAX
patch to his machine to let him join the studio JAM.
But the OMS2.3.3 doesn't let the QT be the sound module neither on OS8
nor this the well known problem right now?
He also owns LC630(68LC040) and on that machine with the same settings
MAX could use QT.
SaRiGaMa's Oil Vending Orchestra


Date:    Mon, 19 Jan 1998 16:56:57 MST
From:    Mike Metlay 
Subject: Nick Rothwell's CD LISTEN/MOVE

Readers of this list, who have read Nick Rothwell's thoughts on electronic
and computer music for some time, may be curious about how his music
actually sounds. Normally this would require attending a dance performance
at which CASSIEL is creating the sound, or picking up a Team Metlay album
and hunting for his snippets among the work of 15 other musicians.

However, most list readers are not aware of the fact that Nick has recently
completed a solo CD. Entitled LISTEN/MOVE, the CD was originally intended
as a sort of audio demonstration/calling card for the dance community, and
virtually the entire pressing run was given away to the members of a large
professional-dance mailing list in the UK. (I will leave it to Nick to
comment on the efficacy of this approach to drumming up business where
dancers are concerned.)

Fortunately, I was able to convince Nick to reserve the last few copies of
the CD and send them to me, numbered and signed, for sale to interested
people. After clearing off the list of folks who were either involved in
the making of the CD, or who were in on its gestation and requested copies
ahead of time (including David Z, of course), we still have eight copies
to sell. Unless there's enough interest to warrant a re-pressing of the CD,
these will be the only samples of Nick's work available for general sale
for some time.

I have elected to offer LISTEN/MOVE to the MAX list first, because in many
ways this record is all about the interaction of MAX, which is a thoroughly
weird and wonderful program, with Nick's brain, which is in my experience
equally weird and wonderful. I don't lavish praise lightly, but I consider
LISTEN/MOVE to be a remarkable listening experience. Over an hour of
seamlessly integrated electronic music is broken into two sets, recorded by
Nick with DAC Crowell at the Aerodyne Works and mastered by Darwin Grosse
at his studio.

All interested parties should write me at the address below. Because Nick
has already taken a huge monetary loss on this pressing run, I have elected
to help make him back as much money as possible, so these last ten CDs are
being sold at blind auction. I do not plan to include any commission or
percentage for myself in the purchase price of the CDs...all monies other
than packaging and shipping costs will be given to Nick.

Minimum bid is $20, no multiple copies please. Bidding will close at
0900 EST on Monday, February 2nd, 1998. Bids do not include shipping costs:
$3.00 for US Priority Mail, UPS or international shipping also available,
inquire for rates.

Thank you for your time in reading what is essentially an advertisement.
I'm sorry if I offended anyone with it, but the alternative was putting
these CDs up for sale in a place where most MAXers wouldn't learn of their
existence until long after they were gone. This note, as they say in the
spams, will not be repeated.


Adam: "Congratulations, you sound like Fripp."
                        Nick: "Er... That's good. Right?"
                                                        Adam: "Definitely."
Mike Metlay - ATOMIC CITY - P. O. Box 81175, Pittsburgh, PA  15217-0675 USA
 =  --   --  800.924.ATOM  =
CD orders via LOFTY PURSUITS: 800.548.6724 & 904.385.6463, FAX 904.668.5825


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