Subject: MAX Digest - 16 Jan 1998
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 00:00:08 -0500
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Topics of the day:

  1. Boids
  2. msp||ichi.objektz
  3. "pupdate X,Y"  2 dze m9nd konta!nr


Date:    Mon, 12 Jan 1998 14:19:46 +0000
From:    Jem Finer 
Subject: Boids

Is there a power pc version of boids about ?


Jem Finer

Kentish Town
London NW5


Date:    Fri, 16 Jan 1998 22:31:49 -0600
From:    =cw4t7abs 
Subject: msp||ichi.objektz

>>>msp seems 2take over the snd manager input 1ns max = aktivatd.
>>>!z d!sz intentional || special feature ov demo || odr_?
>>>ichi.s aiff kan no longr rekord if msp present.
>And the answer is:
>Ye de ne iche ie ye he eM eS Pe!

dzat != dze po!nt. ichi objektz kik +
so do odr objektz which msp seems 2 now blok
4rom snd !nput.

>(This message was written in the little known but highly acclaimed language
>"Ge". It's spoken fluently on both hemispheres by less than 10 people.
>exists NO on-line documentation of this language, but there is one written
>document, a postcard dubbed "The GeZetta stone".)
>Zoron and Xoaz

jas.maiz. az all akadem!k wank !t = aesthet!kall+e korrupt.

ae ie ie se
de ae _- ||


Date:    Fri, 16 Jan 1998 22:33:13 -0600
From:    =cw4t7abs 
Subject: "pupdate X,Y"  2 dze m9nd konta!nr

>    I've read that one can force the mouse pointer to jump to a new
>on the screen by sending the message "pupdate X,Y" to the Max application
>itself. Is this true? How does one send a meesage to Max? Can you use the
>"send" object?
>    Also, is it possible to eliminate both the current pacther's title bar
>and the menus at the top of the screen? I'm writing a patch where I'd like
>use up the whole screen, so that the user can't accidently click on
>outside of the patcher window. Thanks in advance for any help.

; max pupdate x y

+!spatcher help. full skreen.window notitle.etc.


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