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Topics of the day:

  1. QTMA and MTS
  2. newinstance and collective problem
  4. msp and polyphony
  5. Graphic controls and hot spots? (2)
  6. AdTech West Convention - Entertainment hits the Internet


Date:    Mon, 5 Jan 1998 22:51:20 -0800
From:    Peter Nyboer 
Subject: QTMA and MTS

>It seems to make "creating your original QT-musical-intrument
>from aiff-files" possible..but I only could create the extention....
>does somebody know how to call the new instrument from MAX?

I created an extension (which I'll call a "pallete"--I heard that term
someplace!) with the Atomic editor that contained a few instruments from
samples.  This went into the Extensions folder in the System folder, and I
restarted.   I then made a simple patch in Max using the qtmusic object.  I
used a "pick 1" message to bring up a dialog box that allowed me to choose
a pallete.  The top menu in the dialog box allowed me to select either the
"Best Music Synthesizer" or the "QuickTime Music Synthesizer."  I selected
the QT Music Synth.  A new pulldown menu appears below that, alowing me to
select a "category."  This is where I selected the pallete.  The last menu
allows me to select an instrument from the pallete.

Of course, once I get US$300.00, I will have a fully operational version of
MTS so aiff hassles will become joys.  If you have a few spare hours, I
urge you to check out the demo version at  I have
managed successful looping sample playback in conjunction with some
low-pass filtering, both responding to real-time changes quite nicely, with
my meager PMac 7100/80.  I would also like to note that many of the
examples, particularly the 512 band graphic eq and the "modular synth", are
somewhat clunky on this machine, but they do work.  (this isn't really
unexpected--I'm kinda surprised that the 512 band eq works at all!).

David Z.--on the groove~ object for aiff playback:  the reverse is cranky
(but I remember you acknowledging that, so I'll get off your back), and I
wish it gave a bang for an end of sample message.  As for the latter, I
sucessfully managed a workaround by doing a "snapshot~" of the 0-1 ramp out
the right (?) outlet at 1ms intervals, and finding results greater than
.98, but this doesn't seem too efficent in the long run....


Peter Nyboer
--home of Slambassador multimedia gallery--

y"a cellular phone, pepper spray, and maybe
even a Smith and Wesson"--SUV Driver, on safety needs


Date:    Tue, 6 Jan 1998 11:46:25 +0100
From:    Thomas Schneider 
Subject: newinstance and collective problem


I have a problem regarding the newinstance routine in externals.
I used the newinstance function in my external to create objects in my
without creating a object box and patch cords in the Patcher window as
in the Chapter 8 of the Max SDK documentation.
Running this as a normal Max Patch there is no problem.
When I create a collective from this Patch, this collective have a strange
behaviour :
With System 8 its runs ok, but with System 7.6.x or earlier, Max did not
the class of my object when the newinstance funktion is called.
There will be a error message that the object with a undifined name (like
or something else strange signs) did not understand the object class message
the object is not created.
Did I forgot some important things ?

Thank you for any help.

Thomas Schneider


Date:    Tue, 6 Jan 1998 13:43:09 +0100
From:    Rafal Hanzl 

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Rafal Hanzl

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------=_NextPart_000_000C_01BD1AA9.0667C0E0-- ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 06:46:24 -0800 From: Kevin Walker Subject: Re: msp and polyphony On Sun, 4 Jan 1998, David Zicarelli wrote: > Kevin Walker writes: > > >Suppose I've created an msp instrument and I want two or more of them to > >sound at once (in response to, say, a score reader or midi messages). > >What's the best way to do this? > > Without going into any details, I would refer you to the Thanks. I'll check them out. > I don't think that worrying about the CPU usage of non-playing > voices is going to buy a lot, since presumably you need as > much CPU as the maximum number of voices you want to play, > and you probably don't have a choice about what you're going > to do with the CPU when you're playing less than the maximum > number of voices (unless you're trying to maximize the speed > of a file transfer while the music is playing). I guess I was thinking of the case where there are several instruments. Each would be capable of playing several simultaneous notes, but they wouldn't be capable of all playing several notes at once. ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 11:19:58 -0700 From: "C. Todd Robbins" Subject: Graphic controls and hot spots? I wonder if there are some third party objects I should know about to do the following; I want to have a PICT image onto which I can define irregular hot spots that will respond to mouse roll overs and/or clicks. The response will be graphic as well as musical, so I also need a way to overlay little picts that correspond to the hot spot that is being rolled over. (Gif-like animations would be great too!) Ideally, these PICTs would include some sort of masking option so irregularly defined regions could exist next to one annother (does this make sense?). I'd really like to be able to do this without having to bring in Director or whatever. Thanks alot for any suggestions. C. Todd Robbins If anyone is interested please check out a little app I created called 'Sound Toy'. It does in a very basic way what i described above--but without the power of what can be done musically and interactively with MAX. It can be downloaded at; ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 14:29:31 -0800 From: Mark Ollendorff Subject: AdTech West Convention - Entertainment hits the Internet I happen to be working for this convention and I thought it would be applicable for this group. Please contact me for more information. @d:tech.West( is coming to Hollywood in January! What would happen if you mixed the action of Hollywood with the speed of the internet? Come to @d:tech.West, January 12-14 in Los Angeles and find out. Ad:tech is going West. What started two years ago as the largest show in the country on digital marketing is coming to LA to explore entertainment - the fastest growing content segment on the Web, and examine what happens when you add a strong entertainment quotient to commerce, news, and information on the Internet. @d:tech.West is like six conferences under one roof, with different content tracks including: 1. Creative: What works in digital and what doesn't. 2. Entertainment: How Hollywood can use the net to promote its properties. 3. Digital Distribution: Where is the content going? 4. Media/Audience Measurement: Who are the Netizens? 5. eCommerce: The success stories. 6: Advertiser/Agency: Strategies for building brands in the digital environment. Some of the noted industrial leaders who will be speaking about their experiences, forecasts, and opinions are as follows: David wertheimer, Jake Winebaum, Ronald J. Whittier, Bob Bejan, Ann Winblad, Bob Downing, Tim Smith, Linda McCutcheon Conneally, Leonard Washingto, Robert Fasano, Candice Carpenter, and Halsey Minor. With more than 70 speakers, workshops, panels and over an entire acre of expo/exhibition area, there will certainly be enough to keep anyone busy. Find out more and sign up at @d:tech.West January 12-14, 1998 Los Angeles. ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 23:54:41 +0100 From: Roby Steinmetzer Subject: Re: Graphic controls and hot spots? >I want to have a PICT image onto which I can define irregular hot spots >that will respond to mouse roll overs and/or clicks. MouseState reports the button-status and the location of the mouse. This works also when moving the cursor over a PICT image in a graphic window. >The response will be graphic as well as musical, so I also need a way to >overlay little picts that correspond to the hot spot that is being >rolled over. (Gif-like animations would be great too!) With the PICS object you can create "Gif-like animations" Roby Steinmetzer Luxembourg, Europe ------------------------------ End of MAX Digest - 5 Jan 1998 to 6 Jan 1998 ********************************************