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  1. msp praise; timing; groove~ request


Date:    Fri, 26 Dec 1997 17:19:03 -0600
From:    jhno 
Subject: msp praise; timing; groove~ request

msp is great! it is hard for me to think of a more suitable environment for
real-time algorithmic sound experimentation. i have never seen a system
that allows such immediate and flexible control... in the tradition of max
i find myself improvising patchers - but now they make sound! it is one
thing to control external devices, but quite another to have it all
available in the max framework.

kudos and many many thanks to david z...

i have noticed that max's timing can get a little shakey with msp... for
example when you turn on the note generators in some of the "synth~" msp
examples, the note events are not always evenly spaced... the timing will
stutter or waver even though the dac~ reports a cpu usage of less than 50%.
any ideas? turning off virtual memory helped, but it is still sketchy. i am
using a powerbook 3400/240 at the moment (fun).

would the "takeover" function help? it does not work yet, apparently... is
that something that will work in max 3.5.9? (i am using 3.5.8).

finally, the groove~ object is really great, but it does not loop when it
is playing backward. could this be fixed? otherwise if you are playing with
the rate parameter and you go negative it will play through and stop.

meanwhile... any interesting patchers or externals out there yet? i was
just fooling around trying to make a good compressor - hard to get a really
musical response. i was using a meter~ to feed peaks through a line~ object
to attenuate the signal via /~. any other ideas?

have fun -

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