Subject: MAX Digest - 4 Dec 1997 to 5 Dec 1997
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 1997 00:00:49 -0500
From: Automatic digest processor 
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  1. v dEo vS !on
  2. MAX Digest - 3 Dec 1997 to 4 Dec 1997 (2)
  3. update to Lobjects
  4. audio multiple voices player and random access


Date:    Fri, 5 Dec 1997 00:03:17 -0600
From:    =cw4t7abs 
Subject: v dEo vS !on

= radius hardware     cmj vol 20 no 2 96 ad

                                                        - -------------
                                                         |   |
                                                         |    -----------
                                                  |       ---|
                                  p r 0 d U k t  [ ]-----|

                                                        - -------------
                                                         |   |
                                    |    -----------
                                                  |    ---|
                        p r 0 d U k t  [ ]-----|

+_0 f 0 0 0 3.masch!nenkunst.a 9 f f.


Date:    Fri, 5 Dec 1997 02:29:50 -0600
From:    "C. Smith!" 
Subject: Re: MAX Digest - 3 Dec 1997 to 4 Dec 1997

Automatic digest processor wrote:

> ps. what is Video Vision?
> Cheers,
> Garth
> >><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<
> Garth Paine
> Composer, Sound Designer,
> Museums, Dance, Film, Theatre
> Interactive Immersive Environments
> Phone 61 3 95259844 (W)
> Fax 61 3 95275549
> "Immersive Virtual Environments - A Social Perspective"

Radius Video Vision is a PCI or NuBus card that samples and playsback video
it's own codec.  It allows the Mac to set up a new monitor that outputs to
You would just simply drag your movie window to the other monitor, which
your composite video out.(or S video). In my application, I'd just sample
Video in Adobe Premeire(sp?)  then output that as one long linear QT clip
would be loaded into ram in the Max patch.  Anyways all this sounds good on
paper, but I haven't tried it yet.  Plus I was wondering if there is
hardware that would be better.  If you've heard of the band EBN, they made
they call a 'video sampler'(also using Max). Which is basically what I'm
All music comes from Vision, but short video clips are sequenced along with
using Max.

Thanks Garth,
Chris Smith
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Date:    Fri, 5 Dec 1997 12:19:27 +0100
From:    Georg Hajdu 
Subject: Re: MAX Digest - 3 Dec 1997 to 4 Dec 1997

Dear Maxers-

Does anyone know of a "printer" object that can send quickdraw or whatever
commands to a selected printer.
It would be neat to print the things that LCD displays on screen (without
having to resort to tedious screen shots).


                                             Georg Hajdu

Hochschule fuer Musik Detmold,
Abteilung Muenster
Ludgeriplatz 1
D-48151 Muenster



Date:    Fri, 5 Dec 1997 14:00:44 -0800
From:    Peter Elsea 
Subject: update to Lobjects

I have just posted an update to my Lobjects at

There are two packages
Lobjects12_97.sit.hqx contains the entire set. These are FAT and
compatable with any version of Max.

Lupdate12_97.sit.hqx contains an update to the version distributed
with the Max 3.5 CD. It contains only bug fixes and additions to save
download time.

changes in the new versions:
Lobject fixes- Dec 1997
Lpair - fixed 1 for 0 bug
Lswap- fixed behavior with list of 1 item, initialization of
zeroExists.  Added series extraction templates
Lave- fixed output with list of all zeros
Llast- fixed output when list is not filled, fixed behavior when
length is reduced.
Larray - fixed bug with output lists larger than 64. Added typing.

new objects in 97
Lcount  count in float increments- a simpler counter, with behavior
engineers and nerds
expect. It counts from 0 to n-1 and bangs *after* zero is reached. It also
by float increments.
Lexpr   compute in+iy-1 and suchlike. This is expr in an Lwrapper. It
a new value for each member of the list, but instead of $i1 etc. the tokens
are in, in-1, iy-1 and so
on. in-1 refers to the previous member of the list, iy-1 refers to the
previous answer.
Great for expanding series and chaos generators. (Once a series is started,
you can keep it going
by feeding more numbers or just bangs.)
Lifo    Last in first out - concatenates things generated right to left and
puts them out organized
left to right.
Lin     assists in input of lists- something like numkey
Lmerge  interleave lists- given aaaa and bbbb you get abababab. It has
aliases to give abcabc and
so forth.
Lpad    pad lists to desired length- if you work with fuzzy logic you need
to generate
0 0 0.... 0 1 2 3 a lot
Lrepeat make lists of repeated patterns
Lreplace        stuff lists into lists
Lrun    generate series of numbers- these are useful for creating simple

Let me know how these work out.

Peter Elsea
Electronic Music Studios
University of California, Santa Cruz


Date:    Fri, 5 Dec 1997 23:44:53 +0100
From:    Roland Cahen & Ruth Sefton-Green 
Subject: audio multiple voices player and random access

I am looking for an audio multiple voices player and random access
in abank of sounds (indexed).
Apparently none of the max objects allows these features.
Either it is monophonic or requires the name of the file.
Roland Cahen

Peter Nyboer 
proposes to use three Ways to approach digital audio directly in Max:

>1.) AiffPlayer by Eric Singer for 68K
>2.) aiff by Ichi for PowerPC
>3.) QuickTime Atomic Editor for creating QuickTime palettes

>As far as your problem of requiring the name of the file, you can specify
>an AIFF folder in your Max file preferences, keep all needed AIFFS there,
>then use a combination of the menu and folder objects to read in all the
>AIFF filenames when a patch is opened.  The menu object can then be used to
>open *any* file, by mouse or by numerical input.  I have a patch that does
>this if you want it.

Thank you for your answer
Yes indeed it must be possible but each time I tried something like that
(whith Ichi objects),
it went wrong on the way and the machine freezed and was hard to restart.
So I which that it could be easyer. Why not, for example, making a new
object, but with rolling voices and a few controls. I hope someone will
make this.


End of MAX Digest - 4 Dec 1997 to 5 Dec 1997