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Date:    Tue, 2 Dec 1997 06:41:17 +1100
From:    Garth Paine 
Subject: QT playback

>Date:    Sun, 30 Nov 1997 13:54:02 -0600
>From:    "C. Smith!" 
>Subject: Output QT to NTSC Question
>I Have a patch finished that allows me to sequence QT movies with Vision
>to lock up to a live show.  My question is what hardware could I get
>that would output the movie window to composite video? Also, would it
>help take the 'load' off the CPU?  And it needs to support 30 fps 640 x
>480. (PCI or NuBus, have both)
>Thanks in advance,


I have just spent some weeks programming QT video playback from within MAX
using a ATI Xclaim VR card.  I have found the MAX Movie object very
limited.  I wanted to playback 640x480 using Cinepack compression, but have
had to reduce the movies to 520x??? (what ever it is) in order to achieve
12 frames per second playback with 16bit 44.1, stereo audio.  I think this
is rather disipointing because the Apple Movie Player and other similar
software have no trouble delivering the full fram size video without
jumping frames.  I have tested them with the Xclaim card and it's fine, so
I can only conclude that it is the way MAX caches the video, or treats the
playback - ie not acknowledging the board is there for the decompression

For all those playing with this stuff I also discovered that when a QT
movie is playing (when not loaded into RAM) and I trigger an audio CD (in a
CD-ROM drive) the MAC OS stops playing the QTmovie while it sends to
command to the CD-ROM drive - so I get a momentary pause in the video.  I
assume this is to do with apple event lists etc. and therefore an OS
problem, which necesitates another CPU when I thought I could do it all
from one CPU.

I would be very interested to know why the MAX QT playback seems to be so
inefficient - am I missing something ?



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Date:    Mon, 1 Dec 1997 08:49:15 -0500
From:    Jem Finer 

I've been away for a while and wondered if in the meantime there has been
any development of Max objects to deal with audio on the Mac.

Jem Finer

Kentish Town
London NW5


Date:    Mon, 1 Dec 1997 16:22:46 +0200
From:    Jukka Ylitalo 
Subject: Powerbook Duo 230

Hi maxers,

I'm considering investment to Powerbook Duo 230 for doing Max? Has anyone
experience? Does it work?

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Date:    Mon, 1 Dec 1997 19:17:00 -0800
From:    Peter Nyboer 
Subject: Re: MAX Digest - 29 Nov 1997 to 30 Nov 1997

>I am looking for an audio multiple voices player and random access in a
>bank of sounds (indexed).
>Apparently none of the max objects allows these features.
>Either it is monophonic or requires the name of the file.
>Je recherche un moyen de faire jouer sur plusieurs voix des fichiers audi=
>tirres au hasard dans une banque de son (indexee).
>Apparement, aucun objet Max ne permet facilement de faire ce type d'opera=
>Soit ces objets sont monophoniques soit ils r=E9clament le nom du fichier=
> audio.

Ways to approach digital audio directly in Max:

1.) AiffPlayer by Eric Singer for 68K version of Max (I keep a 68k version
of Max installed just for this purpose)
2.) aiff by Ichi for PowerPC
3.) QuickTime Atomic Editor for creating QuickTime palettes, used in
conjunction with the qtmusic object, part of the Zicarelli/WC set, I
believe it comes with the 3.5 CD

1.) is the most stable, but is unfortunately not PPC Native.  2.) has many
good features, including a pitch shift, but is not  stable enough on my
PowerMac 7100/80 w/24 megs (a *plus fort* system would be more stable,
perhaps?) to depend on.  3.) is stable, but work intensive.  However 3.)
has the advantage of working like a sampler, as well as allowing for clean

1.) and 2.) are available at:

3.) is available at:

As far as your problem of requiring the name of the file, you can specify
an AIFF folder in your Max file preferences, keep all needed AIFFS there,
then use a combination of the menu and folder objects to read in all the
AIFF filenames when a patch is opened.  The menu object can then be used to
open *any* file, by mouse or by numerical input.  I have a patch that does
this if you want it.

Anything else to this DA synopsis??


Peter Nyboer
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