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Date:    Wed, 19 Nov 1997 22:16:29 -0800
From:    Peter Nyboer 
Subject: shift-option

I have a patch that recognizes the unmodified, shift, option, and
shift-option combinations using the key object, however, it doesn't
recognize the command key.  More specifically, the patch is designed to be
used as an object, with the normal, shift, option, and shift-option strokes
of the qwerty row outputting 0-12 from different outputs.  To tell you the
truth, I don't remember why I designed this, but it looks like it would be

Peter Nyboer
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Date:    Thu, 20 Nov 1997 16:14:26 +0000
From:    daniel crooks 
Subject: QT, Realtime Graphics: in the other direction

Dear Maxians

There has been quite a bit of discussion on the list about getting video=20
out of MAX, how about in ? I'm currently working on a new media research=20
project here in Melbourne. The basic guts of this project are two-fold.=20
Firstly to construct some simple motion control devices onto which to=20
stick little CCD cameras. Secondly to control the frame capture of said=20
cameras. Basically computer-based timelapse/stopmotion but with a touch=20
more control.=20

So far I have been mostly concentrating on getting my little bots to=20
move around with some degree of accuracy. After months of motion control=20
research [ I was even considering software normally used to control=20
lathes] I discovered MAX. Believe me I was smiling for a week. The=20
incredible flexibility of MAX could not only control my bots to the nth=20
degree, it would make the perfect control device for a frame grabber as=20

So, I'm in control heaven, the only problem, I don't have the keys to=20
the Video door. I have so far found a number of video ANALYSIS solutions=20
including Eric Singers very promising videoIn object. But alas, nothing=20
for the controlled CAPTURE and SAVING of input. The closest neighbours=20
so far are a plugin for director, and some pretty amazing web-cam=20

My programming skills don't extend far beyond intermediate Director=20
Lingo. I do though have a couple of friends here in Melbourne who know=20
thier way around C pretty well. How hard would it be to write a=20
VideoFrameGrab object ? Is this something I could reasonably ask them=20
to help me out with ? All I need is an object which can take a video=20
stream [from video capture card, or off disk] and grab frames when told=20
to, then save frames to a file [preferably QT] at a fairly decent rate=20
[say 5 frames per second].

This project has a pretty much non-existant budget but I would be=20
willing to sell my body for an object of this nature. Perhaps, maybe,=20
possibly, could be, maybe, there would be some able person reading this=20
who might be interested in a commission of this nature, maybe, maybe,=20
possibly, maybe.=20

Anyway, I think I've written too much as it is. I supoose therew is=20
allways my trusty super 8 camera. Much gratitude for your time in=20
reading this and I hope to hear from someone soon.

highest regards

daniel crooks.

p.s sorry about the length of this post.



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Date:    Thu, 20 Nov 1997 02:09:19 -0500
From:    Nick Longo 
Subject: Re: Bugs in Applications