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Topics of the day:

  1. OMS Timer (2)
  2. Max Digest Archive-How far back should it go?
  3. MAX Digest - 10 Nov 1997 to 11 Nov 1997
  4. Max in the News
  5. Slip of the hand
  6. Max Audio
  7. looking for spew
  8. Max and QT
  9. Video Frame Capture


Date:    Tue, 11 Nov 1997 21:51:21 -0800
From:    David Zicarelli 
Subject: Re: OMS Timer

David Bianciardi  asks:

>One other question;  which is the earliest version of Vision that supports
>OMS Timer send/rcv ?


David Z.

PS note how I'm avoiding discussing the "big issues" and answering
the easy questions. Might indicate that I'm really busy?


Date:    Wed, 12 Nov 1997 01:46:33 -0800
From:    Issac Roth 
Subject: Re: Max Digest Archive-How far back should it go?

How much disk space does this take up currently?


On Mon, 10 Nov 1997, Jon Witte wrote:

> Hello Fellow Maxers,
> I was wondering what the thoughts of the list would be to this question.
> How far back should I make the archive go?  It is currently 2 years
> which is the approximately the same amount of time that Max v3.0 has
> been out.  We are now on v3.5.x and I think most of us use v3.0 or
> v3.5.  There might be other reasons to make the archive go back to 1995,
> or even 1994, other than version, but I'm just not thinking of them at
> the moment .  I have a limit amount of space on my web site and have
> purchased/rented additional space to put the archive up.  Since the
> purchase of the extra space, I could probably fit additional digests up
> there.  But would this be useful or just a waste of space that I could
> put to better use.
> Please let me know what you think.  I will make this decision based on
> the input I receive from you.  If there are many valid reasons to have
> 1995 or 1994 digests up there, then I will do so.
> Please answer the list on this question so that we can all help in this
> decision.
> Thanx and keep on Maxing
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> Jon Witte - Music Machine Studio
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Date:    Wed, 12 Nov 1997 10:01:14 -0000
From:    Nick Rothwell 
Subject: Re: OMS Timer

> Hi folks.  I'm looking at using OMS Timer for sync between Max and Vision
> on the same machine.  I'm thinking it'll be better than Beat Clock over
> IAC, more elegant than leaving the machine and coming back in on cables,
> and more stable than MIDI manager.  Are these assumptions correct?

I synchronise MAX, Vision and other things using beat clock piped
through MIDI Manager. I've been doing it for years. Never had any

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Date:    Wed, 12 Nov 1997 09:48:14 -0500
From:    Bob Gluck 
Subject: Re: MAX Digest - 10 Nov 1997 to 11 Nov 1997

In a message dated 11/12/97 12:38:56 AM, you wrote:


I would like to second Peter's thoughts on this and related matters. I feel
ever grateful for the generosity and commitment of the people on this list,
and others, who are involved in moving forward the development and
of Max. The result has profoundly changed my life as a composer for the
better. While this is an open and democratic forum, and people's concerns
disagreements should be welcomed, I think that we waste time complaining
about why the limitations of Max aren't being addressed more quickly or
globally. It would be wonderful if larger institutions and corporations
decided to adopt Max and other applications that further new music in a
way, but until that time comes (!), I feel fortunate to be connected to the
people on this list. I trust that they/we are working on the important
issues, despite the frustrations of working in a market-driven musical
Our group is one of the best collaborative efforts I've known.

Bob Gluck
Sheffield, MA


Date:    Wed, 12 Nov 1997 11:16:18 -0500
From:    todd_winkler@BROWN.EDU
Subject: Re: Max in the News

Hi David,

I would like a copy of the original text. If you have the EBN info, that
would be great, too. My friend Josh Pearson (EBN frontman) lives down the


>Today in Wired News ( there's an article on computer
>music that mentions Max and some people that appear here
>from time to time. There's also a hint about some forthcoming
>Max-related software. It's especially cool that Max appears as an event
>in their "electronic music timeline." If anyone is interested in the
>original text of the article before it underwent some rather severe
>editing, send me e-mail and I'll forward it to you. There's another
>related story at Wired News today about EBN--Max users, FYI.
>Ah, such is the tiny interval in which this little subculture pokes
>through the bubble of media conciousness. And now we can all
>go back to work in the reassuring comfort of our relative anonymity.
>David Z.


Date:    Wed, 12 Nov 1997 11:18:58 -0500
From:    todd_winkler@BROWN.EDU
Subject: Slip of the hand

Apoligies for the global personal posting.


Date:    Thu, 13 Nov 1997 18:19:29 +0100
From:    David Rodger 
Subject: Re: Max Audio

Joseph Hyde  wrote
>I've been waiting for FTS on the Mac for a long, long time.  There seems no
>reason why such applications should run only on expensive SGIs and obsolete
>NeXTs when a decent PowerPC has plenty of processing power for real-time
>DSP (you anly have to look at some of the other applications becoming

What about those of us with Audiomedia II cards?  (sniff)


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Date:    Wed, 12 Nov 1997 16:20:25 -0600
From:    Jon Christopher Nelson 
Subject: looking for spew

Dear Maxers:

Can anyone direct me to a FAT spew object??  Thanks for any leads
you can give me.

with warmest regards,

Jon Christopher Nelson, Director
CEMI (Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia)
University of North Texas College of Music
P.O. Box 13887
Denton, TX 76203

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Date:    Wed, 12 Nov 1997 22:50:54 +0200
From:    Tim Boykett 
Subject: Max and QT

About Max and QT,

I am not sure if we are doing things the cleverest way,
but here's what happenned:

We have a large-ish PPC machine with a Bravado video
card. This does video in and out, and comes with its
own compression technique. We found that if we make a
half-screen size QT video, then play it using MAX's
movie object (not overlapping other Max windows), then
the video appears on the Bravado output. lovely.

This is actually an answer to a question I posed to the
list about a year ago and I think other people wanted
an answer to, too.

Even when we allocated mega-memory to Max, then had
4 QTs in the movie object, the whole thing turned,
well, not to be unnecessarily impolite, but crappy.
Solution: combine all QTs into one long video, note
all the start and end points (can be done inside max
easily), then play the sections
from the large movie in the right order. We achieved
nice video loops, rare lag effects, nice control.

Unsolved problems:
 - position of the movie window on screen. This
is apparently solved by the new patch, not yet tried.
 - the automatic loading of the old movies. I have
never really managed to work out what's going on, but
when the patch including the movie object is loaded,
the window loads about 3 old QTs that have previously been
used. "clear"ing the movie object then "read"ing the
desired movie seemed to solve this problem.

These are both a hassle when one is doing an emergency
mid-show reboot due to wierd midi screw-ups.

A related question: Is there a known incompatibility between
Max and non-OMS (in particular MOTU) midi interfaces?



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Date:    Thu, 13 Nov 1997 14:46:19 +0000
From:    daniel crooks 
Subject: Video Frame Capture

Hello fellows.

I have just entered the world of MAX. And a lovely world it is, save the
problem of regularly overheating my poor brain.

My question, does anyone know a way of getting MAX to grab frames from
an incoming video signal. My C skills have yet to show themselves, but I
have friends in high places who may be able to help. At the moment I
have a Bravado video capture board in my machine. Programmes such as
Adobe Premiere are capable of seeing it and capturing frames from the
data it outputs. If anyone knows of an object that can capture and save
frames from a source such as this [or any other card] or even the way in
which such an object could be written it would be extremely helpfull to
my [non-profit, for educational purposes only] project and very much

thanks in advance and regards

daniel crooks

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