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  2. Spell Checker Collection
  3. D-Sound Pro for QTMA
  4. menubar problems in a StandAlone
  5. Max Digest Archive-How far back should it go?
  6. Max Digest Archive - URL


Date:    Mon, 10 Nov 1997 09:18:15 +0100
From:    Roland Cahen & Ruth Sefton-Green 
Subject: Re-MAX-AUDIO

Date:    Mon, 3 Nov 1997 00:10:25 -0800
From:    David Zicarelli 
Subject: Re: MAX AUDIO...?

>Je penserai a vous si vous ecrivez mon nom correctment.

>David Z.

Cher monsieur Zicarelli,
Pardon d'avoir mal ecrit votre nom.
Desole de repondre si tard.
J'ose esperer que maintenant cette faute reparee, vous voudrez bien, vous
comme les autres personnes concernees repondre a ma question.
Roland Cahen

La question :

v English---------------------------------------------------- v

I am very intersted in FTS Max on Mac as I am sure lots of other max user=
s are.
Presently, it does exist and works properly.
Apparently,it can easyly run many OSC, filters... on a standard PPC in re=
Actually the problem seems more political, legal and commercial than
The silence has lasted too long.

Despite the great interest of FTS on Next or SGI machines in the future, =
do hope that it will be soon available on Macintosh because:
1) A number of public useful applications will never take place on
expensive machines
2) The interface is much easier to use on mac
3) The development on MacMax is all over the world and there is a great
deal of hope that it could one day become a public international standard
4) This technical inprovement is urgent for us, IRCAM, Opcode and even

Third parties must put pressure on the others two to make sure they won't
destroy the only interesting software around at the moment.
Thank you for asking IRCAM, D.Zicarelli and Opcode to think about us.

Further, my question is : are the creators of max really concerned by the
popular movement it creates.
Is Max the tool of one person, one institution  and one commercial firm o=
a public and democratic phenomenon ?
If the latter case is correct, to what extent can we influence its
developpements ?
Some poeple are very good programmers but most users are artists and
creators of all kinds.
They need the most general tool for various appplications, and they canno=
create it.
However they all want certain items in common. Can they influence the
development in this way ?

Organizing a debate on the Mailling list would be an interesting way of
breaking the ice.

v  Francais-------------------------------------------------  v

Je suis, comme beaucoup d'entre vous dans l'attente de nouvelles concerna=
ce nouveau logiciel.
Apparement, il fonctionne et permet de faire tourner pas mal
d'occilateurs en temps reel sur un Mac PPC standard.
Il semble que le probleme qui retarde sa sortie semble plutot personnel,
politique et commercial que technologique. Mais le silence dure.

Malgre l'interet certain que represente FTS sur les machines Naext ou SGI
dans l'avenir, nous esperons tous qu'il sera au plus vite utilisable sur
macintosh parceque :
1) nombre d'applications d'utilite publique ne pouront jamais voir le jou=
sur des machine couteuses.
2) l'interface graphique est bien plus facile d'utilisation sur le mac
3) les developpements de MaxMac sont beaucoup plus nombreux et dans le
monde entier. Il existe un reel espoir que max devienne un standard
4) l'apport de l'audio dans max est urgent pour nous tous comme pour
l'IRCAM, Opcode et meme Macintosh.

Les utilisateurs doivent maintenant s'organiser et faire pression sur les
concepteurs pour que le bebe naisse et qu'ils ne detruisent pas le seul
logiciel interessant et porteur d'espoir du moment.
Merci de demander a l'IRCAM, a D. Zicarelli et a Opcode d'accorder vite l=
violons et de penser a nous.

Au dela de cette question, se pose celle du phenomene Max.
Ce logiciel est t'il  la creature d'un homme, d'une institution et d'une
firme commerciale ou un phenomene democratique de masse? (petite masse
Si cette derniere hypothese est r=E9elle comme nous aimons =E0 le croire,=
quelles ressources ses utilisateurs disposent-ils pour influer sur sa
conception ?
Parmi les utilisateurs, nombre d'entre nous sont des programmeurs
talentueux, d'autres, sans comp=E9tences en informatique pure sont des
artistes et des createurs de toutes especes, comment s'articule leur appo=
avec celui des autres dans le d=E9veloppement de Max. Sont t'ils de simpl=
acheteurs lambda ?

Si il n'a pas encore eu lieu, organisons ce d=E9bat par la "mailling list=


Date:    Mon, 10 Nov 1997 12:34:30 +0200
From:    Peter Castine 
Subject: Spell Checker Collection

=3Dcw4t7abs  writes (among other things):
>+ re:piktz !n kollekt!v.
>zomtimes errors !f not on drive max !s on.
>[perhapz due 2 hd name.kchr.rr]

Given that this list has a highly international readership, with many =
participants for whom English is a second (or third, or fourth) =
language, it is only common courtesy to adhere to something that =
approaches standard schoolbook English. Granted, it may not be as =
much fun as trying to outdo the clown previously referred to as =
Prince, but communication is supposed to be the goal here. As Philip =
Aker said in another context: Trix are for kids.

I'd like to suggest that we take up a collection to buy this guy a =
spell checker. I'm prepared to contribute a quarter.

Und ich frage mich wie der gute Angeschriebe darauf reagieren =
w=FCrde, wenn s=E4mtliche Anworten auf seine Schreiben in Deutsch, =
Franz=F6sisch oder gar Japanisch eingehen w=FCrden. Dazu noch besser =
mir Rot-13 oben drauf.



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Date:    Sat, 8 Nov 1997 21:15:24 +0000
From:    Johnny DeKam 
Subject: Re: D-Sound Pro for QTMA

>Just to let you know that D-SoundPro (suggested by Taylor Brady) is
>capable of producing AIFF format samples WITH loop points that the QTMA
>does recognise. So now I'm off  making my own QT musical instruments
under MAX

IS D-Sound Pro available for download?

Please list URL for website

Johnny DeKam



Date:    Mon, 10 Nov 1997 18:22:17 +0100
From:    Thomas Schneider 
Subject: menubar problems in a StandAlone

Hi Maxers !

I posted these questions weeks ago without feedback.
Perhaps now someone has any suggestion to the following problems :

I have some questions regarding a Stand-Alone using the menubar object.
Making a Stand-Alone with MaxPlay I have the following problems with the
object :

1) command period :
Normaly command period stops the max scheduler and you can choose resume to
restart the scheduler.
In a Stand-Alone with Maxplay using the menubar object the resume command
never be enabled, so you have no chance after typing command period to
the max scheduler !
Also if you eliminate the resume and overdrive command with the menubar
(second argument 3) you never have the chance to restart the max scheduler.
The problem is, it is usual to type command period to stop long
calculations, so
peoble often use these command, and so they have to start again the programm
restart the scheduler.
Is there any way to get the command period in my own external as a key
so I can use it to stop actions and not to stop the scheduler ?

2) Edit menu :
My external don`t recieve the clear message of the Edit menu, instead the
command is send out the edit menu outlet of the menubar object with number
Is this the right behaviour ?
The next problem is, my object only recieves the undo,cut, copy and paste
message (binding these messages with admess and A_CANT) when it is
one of its window or the owning patcher window is active). Using other
subpatches or externals with other windows I have no chance to implement
edit commands, for example, when the Max (Info) window is active the edit
commands are not send to my object.

3) Close command :
In a Stand-Alone using the menubar object the close command for the
top-level-patcher is not disabled when using the Can`t close Toplevel
option in the Application Maker.

4) No Midi Setup Dialog on Startup / Use Preferences File
I am confused with these options in the Application Maker :
I think, the MIDI Setup is saved in the preferences file (also the Max
window size and position. When I now use my own preferences file these
are not saved or read, so I will get every time the MIDI Setup Dialog on
To solve this problem I check the No Midi Setup option, but this removes the
MIDI Setup command from the File Menu.

Thanks a lot for any answers.

Thomas Schneider


Date:    Mon, 10 Nov 1997 17:06:22 -0500
From:    Jon Witte 
Subject: Max Digest Archive-How far back should it go?

Hello Fellow Maxers,

I was wondering what the thoughts of the list would be to this question.

How far back should I make the archive go?  It is currently 2 years
which is the approximately the same amount of time that Max v3.0 has
been out.  We are now on v3.5.x and I think most of us use v3.0 or
v3.5.  There might be other reasons to make the archive go back to 1995,
or even 1994, other than version, but I'm just not thinking of them at
the moment .  I have a limit amount of space on my web site and have
purchased/rented additional space to put the archive up.  Since the
purchase of the extra space, I could probably fit additional digests up
there.  But would this be useful or just a waste of space that I could
put to better use.

Please let me know what you think.  I will make this decision based on
the input I receive from you.  If there are many valid reasons to have
1995 or 1994 digests up there, then I will do so.

Please answer the list on this question so that we can all help in this

Thanx and keep on Maxing
Jon Witte - Music Machine Studio
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Date:    Mon, 10 Nov 1997 17:19:46 -0500
From:    Jon Witte 
Subject: Max Digest Archive - URL

I forgot to include the URL for the Max Digest Archive on my last post.
For those of you who missed it, the URL is:
Jon Witte - Music Machine Studio
*   Dancing in the moonlight, to a spiritual waltz-  *
*       Dancing to the music thats in my soul.       *


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