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  1. MAX Digest re: Cubase, Max and OMS
  2. atomic qtmusic
  3. Powerbook serial ports and S4 sync


Date:    Sun, 9 Nov 1997 11:53:24 -0800
Subject: MAX Digest re: Cubase, Max and OMS

Sat, 8 Nov 1997 09:09:52 +0100 gballet  wrote:

> I work with Cubase VST(without using audio now) and MAX on a Powermac.
> I am to install MAX 3,5 so is it better to work with OMS or not
> and why???

I have CubaseVST, MAX, Vision/SVPro plus OMS on my PowerMac. It is
better to work with OMS because OMS supports  those programes. It also
makes it very easy to select the sound patches from your synth when
Cubase is set to accept OMS.

Best regards from

Walter Sheluk/MUSIC PLUS


Date:    Sun, 9 Nov 1997 16:53:13 -0400
From:    Craig Macnaughton 
Subject: atomic qtmusic

How do you access your new QTMA atomic instruments through the qtmusic
object? They don't seem to show up on my Catagory list. Sorry in advance
if this question is really obvious.

Also, why is it called an 'Atomic Editor'?




Date:    Sun, 9 Nov 1997 17:38:39 -0800
From:    Andrew Czink 
Subject: Powerbook serial ports and S4 sync

        Thank you to all who responded about my query as to the availablity
of serial port expanders for Powerbooks. I'm using a Powerbook 3400c. None
of the local Apple dealers know anything about PC card serial port
expanders. I think that would probably be a very nice way to go. If anyone
hears of such a thing I'd love to know about it.
        I've had wicked problems with sync using only one cable. Even just
generating a metronome (ie no heavy MIDI stuff), locking to SMPTE with only
one cable generated a most drunken click. I've had the same results on
every machine I've used, from 680x0 to desktop Power PC and Powerbook.
        Having said that, I've had completely reliable results syncing and
regenerating SMPTE whenever I've used two cables. The OMS v 2.3.2 S4 driver
says S4 Modem/Printer and functions exactly the same as the old driver
which said S4 -2 cables. It recognizes both ports fine.
        I think the reference to a "flywheel" sync means Jamsync which will
keep on generating TC even during a momentary dropout from the master TC
source. It also seems to work well on the S4 as long as the dropout isn't
too extreme.

        Andrew Czink
        earsay productions


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