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Topics of the day:

  1. movie objekt
  2. QTMA editor and loop points
  3. QTMA
  4. Pict in collectives
  5. Studio 4 Sync
  6. About chaos, frase and cm objects


Date:    Wed, 5 Nov 1997 23:41:54 -0600
From:    =cw4t7abs 
Subject: Re: movie objekt

>Thanks for the new version of the Movie object, It's just wat I needed.
>David Rokeby was kind enough to share his additions but they are more than
>I need.
>One question I have is:  How do I get the Movie object to play between two
>points - say frame 2000 and frame 16450 and then stop?  I am sure I've read
>of others doing this, but can't seem to work it out. Perhaps I should try
>sleeping some time to clear the mind - too many projects on.

kould tr!gger 1 metro banging `time` msg rather quickly.
output dze frame lokation in2 1 `select` 4 example + !t
would bang 1 `stop` msg.

          zle!e stranag1zla _|- prol!atara
                                zlata!utege  kr=BAper=BAm | | | | |


Date:    Thu, 6 Nov 1997 10:42:31 +0100
From:    "sjoerd-w. bijleveld" 
Subject: QTMA editor and loop points


Just to let you know that D-SoundPro (suggested by Taylor Brady) is indeed
capable of producing AIFF format samples WITH loop points that the QTMA
does recognise. So now I'm off  making my own QT musical instruments under



Date:    Thu, 6 Nov 1997 13:49:58 +0100
From:    muki pakesch 
Subject: Re: QTMA


"Dr. K@rlheinz Essl"  wrote:
>Does anybody out there know whether there are other sets of sounds (like
>the well-known "Quicktime Musical Instruments") available. I am especially
>interested in a good piano sound (which the Yamaha MIDIPlug provides -
>unfortunately it does only work as a Netscape-PlugIn). And I am also
>interested in percussion sounds.

there's CybersoundVS
a software synth
which afaik uses quite a similiar technology

Peter Nyboer  writes:
>I realized that I used Macromedia's SoundEdit 16 to set the loop points in
>the AIFF file--out of curiosity, does anyone else know of other software
>that does this??

Infinity (??)




| muki pakesch                                                     |
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Date:    Thu, 6 Nov 1997 15:32:10 +0200
From:    Juhani Raisanen 
Subject: Pict in collectives

Is there a known bug in the pict object when using it with a save-as-a-
collective? I don't manage to get it work, the pict file doesn't show up
at all.

Juhani Raisanen
artist, teacher of multimedia
The Lappland college for  media and art


Date:    Thu, 6 Nov 1997 12:12:13 -0700
From:    James Livingston 
Subject: Studio 4 Sync

>On another subject, SMPTE & the Studio 4 midi interface, we run computer
>generated laser animation, analog music & midi control for sound & lites
>a SMPTE-striped ADAT tape. We have to switch from OMS to midi-manager
>>whenever we use the program that came with the S4 to stripe a tape, then
>back to OMS to do the cueing and midi stuff.

What version of OMS are you working with?  In OMS 2.32 you would stripe
SMPTE from the Studio 4 menu in your current OMS Setup document that
includes a Studio 4.
You can download OMS 2.3.2 from for free.

>Once the time stripe is on the tape (the
>cabling must be solid), the computer reads SMPTE and records all the real
>midi performance just fine over one serial port (printer port with
>OFF) on a Quadra 650 (with 64 Mb ram). The S4 has its own, live SMPTE
>"flywheel" sync that screws things up when you rewind, or the computer
>during file access or something. i don't rely on the S4 for live generation
>timing pulses for performance.

The Studio 4 is not designed to be a live timecode reference device.  It
will work with any SMPTE source sending a hot enough stripe with a valid
frame rate.  It will also stripe any Audio format (Analog Tape, DAT, ADAT,
Hard Disk Recorder, etc.) with the Standard SMPTE frame rates. I'm not sure
exactly what you're referring to regarding "flywheel" sync.

Those of you who are interested in a device to use as a live time code
reference device should check out the Studio 64XTC at
(the spaces between cross & plat and plat & hardware should read as

-James Livingston
Opcode Technical Support


Date:    Thu, 6 Nov 1997 12:49:25 PST
From:    "José Ricardo Cortés E." 
Subject: About chaos, frase and cm objects

I am learning the MAX; one of my friends told me about the chaos, frase
and cm objects, immediatly I made patches with this objects and I got a
lot of strange melodies; but, how do this objects works? what kind of
ecuation are they using?...
I don't know very much about the theory of Caos, and I'm a musician, but
I like mathematics and chemistry.
I need more information to get more control on the parameters that I'm
feeding in the caos objects.


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