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Subject: MAX Digest - 1 Nov 1997 to 2 Nov
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Topics of the day:

  1. multiple serial ports on a Powerbook
  3. movie, imovie


Date:    Sun, 2 Nov 1997 02:52:21 -0500
From:    Greg Kuhn <0003939581@MCIMAIL.COM>
Subject: Re: multiple serial ports on a Powerbook

Which PB?

Duo's with docks = two ports.

PCI multiple serial cards... would they work
with the Studio 4?

(e.g. "Date:    Sat, 1 Nov 1997 15:34:04 -0400
From:    Michael Sweet 
Subject: Keyspan PCI Serial Expansion board
>If anyone was listening before when I was asking about PCI serial
boards -
>here is an update.  I got the Keyspan PCI Serial Expansion board
>and it works with the serial object.  I installed two reality gloves
>the extra ports and assigned the serial object to ports c and d.  It

And, I seem to recollect some early
models (100's?) had two ports...

        Are there any options for having two serial ports on a
I'd really like to have the option of running a Studio 4 using both
ports to keep a SMPTE signal separate from all the MIDI stuff. Any
would be appreciated.

        Andrew Czink
        earsay productions


Date:    Sun, 2 Nov 1997 10:52:45 +0100
From:    Roland Cahen & Ruth Sefton-Green 
Subject: MAX AUDIO

Georg Hajdu  wrote :
">I have a question concerning MAX-FTS (I hope this isn't too politically
>Has IRCAM already released the PPC version of MAX-FTS (it was announced for
>fall 1997)? Does anyone know how it performs? Does one need a PowerMac 9600
>with 350 MHz to get acceptable results or would it also run on a, say,
>Powerbook 3400c?
>I would appreciate any information on that.

Answer  Reponse :

v English---------------------------------------------------- v

I am very intersted in FTS Max on Mac as I am sure lots of other max users
Presently, it does exist and works properly.
I know it can easyly run many OSC, filters... on a standard PPC in real
Actually the problem seems more political, legal and commercial than
The silence has lasted too long.
It is now time for this question to be solved.

Despite the great interest of FTS on Next or SGI machines in the future, we
do hope that it will be soon available on Macintosh because:
1) A number of public useful applications will never take place on
expensive machines
2) The interface is much easier to use on mac
3) The development on MacMax is all over the world and there is a great
deal of hope that it could one day become a public international standard
4) This technical inprovement is urgent for us, IRCAM, Opcode and even

Third parties must put pressure on the others two to make sure they won't
destroy the only interesting software around at the moment.
Thank you for asking IRCAM, Zicarrely and Opcode to think about us.

v  Francais-------------------------------------------------  v

Je suis, comme beaucoup d'entre vous dans l'attente de nouvelles concernant
ce nouveau logiciel.
Je sait qu'il fonctionne et qu'il permet de faire tourner pas mal
d'occilateurs en temps reel sur un Mac PPC standard.
Apparement le probleme qui retarde sa sortie semble plutot personnel,
politique et commercial que technologique. Mais le silence a assez dure.
Il est temps que ces questions soient resolues.

Malgre l'interet certain que represente FTS sur les machines Naext ou SGI
dans l'avenir, nous esperons tous qu'il sera au plus vite utilisable sur
macintosh parceque :
1) nombre d'applications d'utilite publique ne pouront jamais voir le jour
sur des machine couteuses.
2) l'interface graphique est bien plus facile d'utilisation sur le mac
3) les developpements de MaxMac sont beaucoup plus nombreux et dans le
monde entier. Il existe un reel espoir que max devienne un standard
4) l'apport de l'audio dans max est urgent pour nous tous comme pour
l'IRCAM, Opcode et meme Macintosh.

Les utilisateurs doivent maintenant s'organiser et faire pression sur les
concepteurs pour que leur bebe naisse et qu'ils ne detruisent pas le seul
logiciel interessant et porteur d'espoir du moment.
Merci de demander a l'IRCAM, a Ziccarely et a Opcode d'accorder vite leurs
violons et de penser a nous.


Date:    Sun, 2 Nov 1997 11:58:28 +0100
From:    Jeffrey Burns 
Subject: movie, imovie

Jeff Krieger wrote:

>Getting rid of the scroll bars and going fullscreen is impossible using
>imovie.  Consistent crashes on a 5300.

Evreryone I know gets consistent crashes using imovie with big files.

The new version of movie would do well to permit knocking of the title and
scroll bars and permit positioning outside the limits of the screen on
which it's running. For example, writing patch at home, using one screen at
600x800, I would like to set up a concert situation in which the control
monitor is set to 640x480 and the display monitor (which is actually a
video projector, also set to 640x480) is placed underneath the control
monitor in the monitors and sound control box. The new version of movie
won't cut this.

Jeff Burns


End of MAX Digest - 1 Nov 1997 to 2 Nov 1997