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  1. MIDI Monitoring utility
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Date:    Mon, 27 Oct 1997 01:52:08 -0500
From:    David Crandall 
Subject: Re: MIDI Monitoring utility

>> Date:    Fri, 24 Oct 1997 07:42:42 -0400
>> From:    Roland Hemming <100414.2220@COMPUSERVE.COM>
>> Subject: MIDI monitoring utility
>> >Does anyone know of a good utility for monitoring Midi data as it comes
>> the serial
>> >ports _before_ it gets to MAX?

I think my mail program ate this before it got out.  Apologies if this is
the second post...

MidiShare (from Grame) has a module that monitors incoming MIDI, but this
begs the question of whether MidiShare will coexist with current versionsof
OMS; the last time I fooled around with MidiShare was back around version
1.2.3?  I standardized my system on OMS in theinterests of simplicity and
could never get OMS/MidiShare/MIDI Mangler to talk to each other once I
upgraded OMS.

There's a utility from Grame called OpenShare that's supposed to provide a
way for OMS and MIDI Manager to coexist under MidiShare, but I haven't
tried upgrading.  Has anyone else tried this, and does it work (and work
with Max)?

David Crandall

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Date:    Mon, 27 Oct 1997 08:47:29 +0200
From:    "Dr. K@rlheinz Essl" 
Subject: Re: sndmanager voices

> Date:    Wed, 25 Oct 1995 17:57:39 -0600
> From:    =cw4t7abs 

> 2increase the number of sndmanager voices there was a resedit
> fikx. would anyone kare 2repost it. thankx.

Here is the original posting from David Z. which I dug out from my archive:

> What you do to increase the limit is ResEdit the "sndV" resource
> in the snd object and change the value to something
> larger than 4. Remember that you're editing in hex. If you want
> the maximum, which is 31, set the value to 0020 (which is 32).

Hope that helps,

Dr. K@rlheinz Essl
SAMT - Studio for Advanced Music & Media Technology
Bruckner-Konservatorium Linz / Austria

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Date:    Mon, 27 Oct 1997 14:12:41 -0600
From:    Paul Hertz 
Subject: Re: Midi Monitoring Utility

Stephen Kay wrote:

>I used to use "MidiScope 1.5 (from Kurzweil)", but it doesn't appear to do
>anything on a PPC anymore :-(

I was having horrendous crashes with MidiScope once System 7 came
out--haven't seen a good free replacement (though I'll have to check out
Jon Witte's list). By way of commeercial software, HyperMIDI provides
sophisticated filtering, and includes a HyperCard example that just
monitors the MIDI stream for you.

-- Paul (Paul Hertz)     |(*,+,#,=)(#,=,*,+)(=,#,+,*)(+,*,=,#)|


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