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Subject: MAX Digest - 22 Oct 1997 to 23 Oct
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Topics of the day:

  1. ADB i/o
  2. MegaMax Version
  3. MegaMAX version
  4. QuickTime VR While you wait
  5. Max control of DAT
  6. Media control,  analysis
  7. DAT/CD Control
  8. Midi Monitoring Utility


Date:    Thu, 23 Oct 1997 14:22:02 +1000
From:    Garth Paine 
Subject: ADB i/o

>Date:    Wed, 22 Oct 1997 02:15:21 -0700
>From:    Issac Roth 
>Subject: ADB I/O

>Has anyone used an ADB I/O box?

>Anyone used one with Max?

Yes,  I have used them in installations, one of which is in a public museum
and has run for six months without fault - it's a very useful interface.

Garth Paine

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Date:    Thu, 23 Oct 1997 07:54:30 -0400
From:    Jon Witte 
Subject: MegaMax Version

This one for Stephen Kay

What is the most current version of the MegaMax Collection
Jon Witte - Music Machine Studio
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Date:    Thu, 23 Oct 1997 11:13:43 -0400
From:    Stephen Kay 
Subject: Re: MegaMAX version

>What is the most current version of the MegaMax Collection
>Jon Witte - Music Machine Studio

Version 1.1.  I'm working on version 1.2 at the moment; it should be out =
in a =

few weeks.  It has several new UI objects, support for drawing buttons an=
d =

picts in offscreen graphics worlds, and a "Preferences" object which allo=
ws =

you to create an honest-to-god real Macintosh Preferences file/folder in =
the =

System folder, filled with whatever data you want, with custom icons etc.=
  I =

will make an announcement when it is ready.  Registered users will get it=
 for =

free.  There is also a web page coming.

Best regards,

Stephen Kay

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Date:    Thu, 23 Oct 1997 10:19:25 -0500
From:    Paul Hertz 
Subject: QuickTime VR While you wait

While you wait for a QTVR object for MAX, there is always the possibility
of having MAX talk with MacroMedia Director, which does have a very
workable QTVR XObject. You'd probably be restricted to a Mac, though, since
the most effiecient way for the two apps to talk is via MIDI. The Mac-only
HyperMIDI xcmd works very well, but I don't know anything similar for

In my adventures this summer preparing an interactive installation I had to
use Apple MIDI Driver and Patchbay on one port and OMS on the other, with
the MIDI stream physically looped around (i.e. by means of cables), but the
thing works--for days on end without crashing, in fact. I also used an
ICubeX box in standalone mode to provide sensor data, and am quite happy
with the results.

-- Paul (Paul Hertz)     |(*,+,#,=)(#,=,*,+)(=,#,+,*)(+,*,=,#)|


Date:    Thu, 23 Oct 1997 17:02:58 +0100
From:    Torsten Belschner 
Subject: Re: Max control of DAT

  | Has anyone out there found a DAT player and CD player (not an
  | internal one) that can be controlled by Max ? If so, how about a
  | patcher to do it.

I am using the STUDER CD-player D732 under MAX control. The machine
features an RS422 IF. The well-done documentation of the  IF's
extensive code scheme was easily attainable from STUDER sales.
Setting up a comprehensive MAX-patcher for control via the
'serial'-object was a matter of a few hours.
The D732 is a very stable machine with excellent DACs, by the way,
giving the possibility of pretty fast track access, even when
jumping to far off tracks directly. I found it a recommendable

As an alternative, there is a CD reader+writer from Marantz, giving
audio-cd access to MAX via the 'cd'-object directly over the
built-in SCSI bus. High quality audio, too, but expensive (I think
around US$ 3,000).

It might not be as bulletproof as the CD solutions, but you can
always take a TASCAM DA-60 II and connect it to MAX via a simple
MIDI->relay switch box. The DA-60 has a proprietary IF giving access
to the basic transport functions + some extras. It should very
easily be possible to put together a soft remote in the MAX

You should also check out the STUDER D780 R-DAT Recorder, which
might have a standard serial IF as well.

Hope this helps,

Torsten Belschner
ZKM Germany


Date:    Thu, 23 Oct 1997 09:34:57 -0700
From:    Peter Elsea 
Subject: Media control,  analysis

About controlling players from Max.
You can control Fostex ADATs and Alesis ADATs (if you have a Cooper
dataMaster) as well as Tacsam DA88 via MIDI machine control. These may be a
little easier to borrow than the fancy CD players. I have posted a turorial
(in word 5.1 format) at on how to do this.

Erick Emde asks about music analysis. Other tutorials at the same location
cover chord recognition and rhythmic interpretation.

Peter Elsea
Electronic Music Studios
University of California, Santa Cruz


Date:    Thu, 23 Oct 1997 14:56:51 -0500
From:    Sean Finn 
Subject: Re: DAT/CD Control

>>  Date:    Mon, 20 Oct 1997 22:40:52 -0400 From:    Trip
>>  Khalaf  Subject: Max control of DAT
>>  Has anyone out there found a DAT player and CD player
>>  (not an internal one) that can be controlled by Max ? If
>As far as the DAT player, I really don't know.  there must be stuff out
>there for video post houses to control DATs, but i dunno.

I make no claims to know what you mean by "obscenely expensive" but...

How about any DAT machine that chases SMPTE time-code?
These are readily available for a couple bucks (more than consumer
models, of course).

Then you just need a MidiTimePiece or equivalent SMPTE box, switch the
DAT into 'chase' mode and spit out SMPTE numbers from MAX.

$0.02! could be a lot of money..........B)

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Date:    Thu, 23 Oct 1997 20:19:37 -0400
From:    Stephen Kay 
Subject: Midi Monitoring Utility

Does anyone know of a good utility for monitoring Midi data as it comes i=
n =

from the serial ports _before_ it gets to MAX?

I'm having some problems in Max w/ bytes occasionally getting jumbled on =
the =

way in, and I can't figure out where to put the blame. Is it cables? Is i=
t my =

Studio 5?  Is it Max?

I used to use "MidiScope 1.5 (from Kurzweil)", but it doesn't appear to d=
o =

anything on a PPC anymore :-(

Stephen Kay


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