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Subject: MAX Digest - 9 Oct 1997 to 10 Oct
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Topics of the day:

  1. Eric Singers AiffPlayer (2)
  2. DMX 512
  3. Voice-to-MIDI?
  4. voice to MIDI
  5. sprintf object
  6. Request about video capture


Date:    Thu, 9 Oct 1997 22:31:57 -0700
Subject: Eric Singers AiffPlayer

I recently read at this MAXers group about Eric Singers AiffPlayer.

Were is  Eric Singers AiffPlayer available for download?

Thanks from



Date:    Fri, 10 Oct 1997 11:48:20 +0200
From:    Jeffrey Burns 
Subject: Re: DMX 512

A few months ago, I announced that Advanced Electronics bv had developed Max externals for its LanBox, which allows
communication between a Mac and theater lighting systems with the standard
DMX 512 signal protocol. Now, the company has revised its software,
permitting the LanBox to receive midi signals from the computer, using 2
midi interfaces instead of a LocalTalk adaptor, as previously done. This is
a major improvement, as it means that it is no longer necessary to use a
2nd Mac to run the lights, if the 1st Mac used to full capacity with other
real time tasks. In fact, a midi keyboard can now be connected to the
LanBox without any computer at all.

Jeff Burns


Date:    Fri, 10 Oct 1997 10:57:40 -0400
From:    Eric Singer 
Subject: Re: Eric Singers AiffPlayer

Get it from

PPC-native version coming soon, for those of you who are wondering...


On Thu, 9 Oct 1997, WALTER SHELUK wrote:

> I recently read at this MAXers group about Eric Singers AiffPlayer.
> Were is  Eric Singers AiffPlayer available for download?
> Thanks from
> Walter

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Date:    Fri, 10 Oct 1997 13:44:21 -0500
From:    Kenneth N Babb 
Subject: Voice-to-MIDI?

Jan Borchers :

>Does anybody have any experience with the GI-10 voice feature, or
>could recommend another device for that purpose

You may also consider the Axon NGC 77 Guitar to midi converter with a mono
input that can accept mic/line level signals. See a review in "Electronic
Musician" 10/97page 166. The pitch-to-midi conversion is supposedly quite
good. Web site info located at:

Kenneth Babb


Date:    Fri, 10 Oct 1997 15:31:00 -0700
From:    Peter Elsea 
Subject: voice to MIDI

Jan Bortchers wants to:
>hum/sing into a
>microphone, and get MIDI notes out of it. It doesn't have to be very
>fancy, we just want a simple sequence of notes representing the melody
>that was hummed. But it has to be fast, so we're looking for a
>hardware device.

I use Roland GI-10s in the labs here. For the purpose described, it would
work just fine.

Peter Elsea
Electronic Music Studios
University of California, Santa Cruz


Date:    Fri, 10 Oct 1997 19:14:20 -0400
From:    John Williams 
Subject: sprintf object

Hey Maxheads,
In the Max manual it suggests that you consult a C manual for the syntax of
sprintf for lots of functions not documented in Max. Well I checked out my
aged Think C bible and my more recent Symantec C++ equivalent and now I know
a few things I didn't before (like sprintf %#X prints numbers as hex in
case with the 0X prefix, to name but one). However, when it comes to the
precision field, leading 0's etc. I have had no success. Does anybody know
the syntax that the Max object uses (or have I already discovered all of the
"secret features" to which Max alluded ?). Trying to get stuff to print out
in tidy columns in Max is a severe headache. I wrote a patch that did this
which became pretty huge before it worked correctly. Anybody got any smart

John  WIlliams.


Date:    Fri, 10 Oct 1997 10:28:00 +0100
From:    =?iso-8859-1?Q?L=EA?= Quan Ninh 
Subject: Re: Request about video capture

Laurent Pottier wrote :

>Does anybody know something about the use of video cameras as captors to
>follow hands mouvements ?

I think to remember that the group of electroacoustic music in Annecy
(France) developped a system like that. Their contact is :

11, av. des Vieux Moulins
Z.I. Vovray
74000 Annecy
Tel : +33 (0)3 50 45 90 76
fax : +33 (0)3 50 45 48 84

  L=EA Quan Ninh 11, Chemin de Catala F-31100 Toulouse


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