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Subject: MAX Digest - 7 Oct 1997 to 8 Oct
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Topics of the day:

  1. MAX Digest - 6 Oct 1997 to 7 Oct 1997
  2. ppc version of udpRead?
  3. more ichi aiff questions / AiffPlayer
  4. FAQ and list archive?
  5. Filesharing crashing Max
  6. Max abroad
  7. seq & type 0
  8. AIFF Journal
  9. Max Arpeggiators
 10. Max installation and OS8


Date:    Tue, 7 Oct 1997 23:50:14 -0500
From:    "Katie F. Collins" 
Subject: Re: MAX Digest - 6 Oct 1997 to 7 Oct 1997

please cancel my subscription to this list
Thank you
Katie Collins


Date:    Wed, 8 Oct 1997 02:37:02 -0400
From:    "j. arakaki" 
Subject: ppc version of udpRead?


my school just upgraded to MAX 3.5 -- and i'm getting an error
regarding the udpRead object: not available for PPC (or something
like that).

is there a new FAT or PPC version of the udpRead object?

thanks very much,

Janice Arakaki
Systems Administrator
MTV Networks - DTV Lab
tel: (212) 846-7269


Date:    Wed, 8 Oct 1997 08:05:58 +0200
From:    "Dr. K@rlheinz Essl" 
Subject: Re: more ichi aiff questions / AiffPlayer

Peter Nyboer  wrote:

> I have been able to play 3 stereo (later he corrected: *mono*)
> files at the same time (I have yet to try more), but things do get quite
> cranky when I go about opening other things, or try to edit a patch when
> all this stuff is playing.  Also, it doesn't seem to be possible to
> panning in anyway, based on the list of messages in the help patch.

I did not work with Ichi's aiff yet, but I want to remind you that Eric
Singers AiffPlayer is able to play 3 *stereo* sndfiles without hassles on a
medium-sized PowerPC (in 68k emulation mode).

At the moment,  Eric's Aiffplayer is still 68k, but he promised to FATten
it in fall. I think it is not only me who looks forward to this new version.

BTW, Eric's help-file is excellent!

Cheers and happy MAXin'

Dr. K@rlheinz Essl
SAMT - Studio for Advanced Music & Media Technology
Bruckner-Konservatorium Linz / Austria

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Date:    Wed, 8 Oct 1997 09:27:03 -0500
From:    Mark Casey 
Subject: FAQ and list archive?


I've just subscribed to this list.
Could someone point me to the MAX faq or possibly a searchable archive?


Mark Casey


Date:    Wed, 8 Oct 1997 10:39:47 -0400
From:    Keith Kothman 
Subject: Filesharing crashing Max

Knowing that AppleTalk slows down MIDI and that I should really
turn it off while running Max, etc., I'm still puzzled by this crash:
Max will completely hang, usually within a few seconds of opening,
if File Sharing is on.  AppleTalk has to be active for filesharing, but
having AppleTalk on and filesharing off works fine.  My setup is a
PowerMac 8500/150 with 32mb RAM and System 7.5.3.

Has anyone else had these problems?  Does it work under 7.6 or 8?
I'd like to run Max in a lab with the mac's connected through
filesharing to move large files around without resorting to
removeable drives that they don't have.


Keith Kothman
Music Theory and Composition
University of Miami School of Music


Date:    Wed, 8 Oct 1997 18:24:46 +0200
From:    Jan Larsson 
Subject: Re: Max abroad

>Upgrades to MAX seem to be trouble all over the world, to judge from what I
>hear on this list. Could we perhaps do something as a group of users to try
>and convince Opcode to correct this situation?

The price for a new license in Sweden is currently close
to USD 1000. For this you get a product that is impossible
to upgrade.

I am going to try my luck with an order on the Opcode web
again, at least this will get you in contact with a person
at their order dept. to talk to.

I think they should sell MAX on the internet, worldwide.
The kind of users that buys MAX is probably also on the
net and international sales would most likely increase.

You can count on me regarding any kind of action to make
MAX available internationally.

What about the MAX license available on the IRCAM website?
Only USD300, is this the latest version?

/Jan Larsson


Date:    Wed, 8 Oct 1997 13:50:32 -0400
From:    John Alexander 
Subject: seq & type 0

Hi - i'm having a problem reading a type 0 MIDI file into the seq object.
The "read" argument appears to work, I get a "seq : reading file.mid" but
when I bang it I get nothing. If I send seq a "print" argument I get "error
: symbol MThd when delta time expected". Do I have to edit it in a Text
editor first? What am I doing wrong?

My system  the way is a powermac 8600/300 and I'm running MAX 3.5.8

John Alexander


Date:    Wed, 8 Oct 1997 13:46:34 -0700
From:    Peter Nyboer 
Subject: AIFF Journal

So, my troubles with the aiff object led me to install a 68K version of Max
3.5 to check out Singer's AiffPlayer, in hopes of helping me attain my
desires of a decent loop.  Unfortunately, the readme sez:

"Looping and clipping can be used together to cause a file to loop between
its start and end times.  Note that looping simply restarts playback of a
file when it ends, so tight, sample accurate looping can not be expected."

Question:  Is there anyway to get tight, sample accurate looping in Max, or
should I move on to another project (or learn C so I can make my own, or
spend tons and tons of $ that I don't have on samplers!)?  Maybe when Eric
Singer "fattens" AiffPlayer, good looping could be an added feature, along
with backwards playback (hint, hint, hint)?

To comment on the AiffPlayer vs. aiff, I do like the fact that you really
only need one object to play multiple files with the AiffPlayer.  I also
was able to set the playback buffer to 1024K without any complaints,
whereas with aiff, I was getting a memory error over 32K.  Not that the
buffer size seemed to make any difference, but, at least I could change it!
However, the recording features of aiff seem quite delicious.  However, it
is a bit misleading to do a "vs." comparison, as there's no reason you
can't mix and match!!!


Peter Nyboer
home of Slambassador multimedia gallery
"This is a fictional story with mostly facts in it."


Date:    Wed, 8 Oct 1997 15:10:10 -0700
From:    Ken Loge 
Subject: Max Arpeggiators

Does anyone have a general purpose MAX arpeggiator you'd be willing to


- Ken

Ken Loge
Oregon Research Institute
Virtual Reality Labs


Date:    Thu, 9 Oct 1997 00:36:33 +0200
From:    dudas 
Subject: Max installation and OS8

I was just told that Max 3.5 CAN indeed be installed under System 8 if you
insert the master diskette in the drive BEFORE you run the installer.

Hope this is news.



End of MAX Digest - 7 Oct 1997 to 8 Oct 1997