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Date:    Mon, 29 Sep 1997 01:20:10 -0400
From:    Stephen Kay 
Subject: RAM, ROM, naming, and such

Fred Collopy:
>ROM should have been named RO-RAM. It is RAM! It happens not to be
>writable. People got lazy (and professors don't like to correct students=
>so we let them distinguish RAM and ROM by this writability criterion. It=

>even appears in most textbooks now. It is wrong. Some ROM is RAM (the
>in the chips inside your machine), some ROM is not (the CD-ROM). It is a=


It seems to me that many (MI) manufacturers use ROM as a pseudonym for
EPROM.  In other words, (myself being a keyboard guy), a certain keyboard=

ships with Xmb of RAM (being the amount of user-accessable memory that is=

available for use).  The keyboard is advertised and sold as having "XXmb =
ROM", such ROM being the read-only-memory which stores the factory preset=
and wave samples around which the keyboard is built; such ROM is truly
inalterable and therefore read-only-memory. Furthermore, based on my
experience with those-type operating systems, it's never remotely related=

to RAM. If anything therein needs to be altered, then it gets loaded into=

RAM, from which it is modified.

Of course, as Fred says, maybe the semantics are wrong...

Stephen Kay


Date:    Mon, 29 Sep 1997 00:11:53 +0100
From:    Peter Nyboer 
Subject: Re: MAX Digest - 27 Sep 1997 to 28 Sep 1997

>From:    Fred Collopy 
>Subject: RAM, ROM, naming, and such

>The concept of random access functions in relation to time. Random access
>is used to mean that the amount of ...[muchmorestuff], it's not randomly
>(and thousands of comp sci students are busy doing exercises to optimize
>the locations of the information around various timing objectives).

I'm just glad we can make cool shit with 'em :)
-thanks for the details;-)



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