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Topics of the day:

  1. Powerbook Conundrum (3)
  2. OS 8 and Max disk authorization
  3. OS 8 and Max authorization
  4. MAX Digest - 21 Sep 1997 to 22 Sep 1997
  5. ichi obj.
  6. docs for ichi objects
  7. ichi_fat_v3
  8. Liquid Audio


Date:    Wed, 24 Sep 1997 10:05:50 +0200
From:    Jens Jacobsen 
Subject: Re: Powerbook Conundrum


Larry R. Larson asked:

> How does one install 3.5 on a powerbook with a removable cdrom? When
> installing the software off of the cd-rom, I am prompted to insert the
> key
> disk, but when I remove the cr-rom device itself to do that, the
> system
> goes nuts.

I don't know if this helps you, but I recently succeded installing Max
3.5 on a Powerbook 1400c using system 7.5.3 with removable CD-Rom.
I first authorized the HD from the key disk, then turned the PB off,
changing the removable floppydrive to CDdrve, turned the PB on again and
then installed Max from the CD-Rom.

Jens Jacobsen

Danish Institute of Electroacoustic Music
Musikhuset Aarhus, Denmark

Phone:+45 89 31 81 60, Fax:    +45 89 31 81 66


Date:    Wed, 24 Sep 1997 10:13:44 -0500
From:    "Christopher R. Morgan" 
Subject: Re: OS 8 and Max disk authorization

I just want to add to David Gamper's observations about the OS8 and Max
authorizations.  When I was asked to "reverify" my authorization my PPC
7300 crashed and completely trashed the keyDisk to the point that it was
no longer even recognized as a Mac floppy.  I have sent Opcode tech
support email about this twice and there has been no reply, although I
should mention that an inquiry sent to their customer service was
promptly answered.

chris morgan


Date:    Wed, 24 Sep 1997 16:05:44 -0400
From:    David Gamper 
Subject: Re: Powerbook Conundrum

Easiest might be to start the Powerbook in SCCI disk mode hooked up to
someone else's Mac (preferably running OS 7.x, if the key disk doesn't work
under System 8).

I don't have the CD-ROM with me right now, so this might not work if the
files to install are all compressed, etc. If they're not, this should work.
Copy the correct Max application, max-help, max-startup, externals, and
anything else you want. Switch to the floppy drive. Run the 'deauthorize'
program on the floppy.

Again, if that doesn't work under System 8, you have to restart from System
7.x, authorize Max, restart with System 8, insert Max floppy (important to
do this before...), run Max. It's been so long since I installed from the
CD-ROM, but I think the installer also takes care of installing OMS. You
might want to download the latest version (2.3.2?) and install it instead.

Of course you might want to download the latest version of Max 3.5.8 at
some point.

Hope this helps.

David G.


Date:    Wed, 24 Sep 1997 15:45:00 -0400
From:    David Gamper 
Subject: Re: OS 8 and Max authorization

Poking around MacInTouch I found out the additional critical step to
authorize Max: have the key disk already mounted BEFORE starting Max under
System 8 for the first time. This was confirmed later by Opcode.

- David G


Date:    Wed, 24 Sep 1997 12:52:50 -0700
From:    Jeremy Roberts 
Subject: Re: MAX Digest - 21 Sep 1997 to 22 Sep 1997

>> Liquid Audio is the music industry's choice for the distribution of
>> digital audio over the Internet.
>I'm wary of "the music industry's choice" of anything...

A Liquid Audio rep told me at AES last year, when asked, "do you really
think the public will pay for highly compressed audio - don't you think
they'll hear the difference?"

His answer: No. (and this wasn't just his opinion, it was the opinion of
"the music industry", so he said.

Lossy compression is bad. Period. As audio professionals, we should do
everything possible to discourage the proliferation of this crap.



Date:    Wed, 24 Sep 1997 12:52:48 -0700
From:    Jeremy Roberts 
Subject: Re: Powerbook Conundrum

>How does one install 3.5 on a powerbook with a removable cdrom? When
>installing the software off of the cd-rom, I am prompted to insert the key
>disk, but when I remove the cr-rom device itself to do that, the system
>goes nuts.
>If I try to authorize the HD before installation, I get a Type 5 error and
>total system freeze. (even when installing with all extensions off.)
>I am using system 8 with 64 meg of ram on a powerbook 3400c/240mhz.


Download the installer from the website... that's what I did, then
authorize from your floppy... there are a few apps on the market whose
installer programmers never considered professionals using a $5000
laptop... such as Max, QuarkXpress, Peak, among the few that come to
mind... and I'm sure there are many more...



Date:    Thu, 25 Sep 1997 05:51:00 +0900
From:    =?ISO-2022-JP?B?GyRCQGlMbiEhPSgwbBsoQg==?=

Subject: Re: ichi obj.

Hello Gil.
>>I also need some documentation, basically what the different objects do
>>and what the various messages mean. I couldn't figure out that from the

the textfile "a bit about" is not what you expect as "readme". i like things
eeded should be in .help as much as possible.
about aiff,ispeak, you can see all the messages and usage in "p ?"
about c/usnd, see "c/usnd.note" patcher.
others have no explanations. i will make better .help soon.



Date:    Thu, 25 Sep 1997 05:51:00 +0900
From:    =?ISO-2022-JP?B?GyRCQGlMbiEhPSgwbBsoQg==?=

Subject: Re: docs for ichi objects

hello Peter.

>>the possible number of voices, as well as  memory
>>requirements and limits (what do different buffer sizes do for me?)
number of voices? sorry but i don't understand what you mean.
anout memory requirements and its limits, i only can say it depends on too
y things. but generally, since Sound Manager allocates private memory block
 system heap, most of which i believe are not well documented by apple, if
 total memory condition is too tight, more problems may occur. look "about
s computer" (or "about this Macintosh") and check "Largest Unused Block". i
ink "total 24M,18M for MAX" is a little tight for PPCMac. probably you'd
r reduce your MAX's memory.i'm sorry if this is wrong.
the "buff $1" message set the size of playback buffer which Sound Manager
Inside Macintosh says,
    (buffer size is )"The number of bytes of memory that the Sound Manager
to use for input buffering while reading in sound data. For SndStartFilePlay
o execute successfully on the slowest Macintosh computers, use a buffer of
least 20,480 bytes. You can pass the value 0 to instruct the Sound Manager
allocate a buffer of the default size."
(but my aiff doesn't implement this "0 size" buffer). this also affects
i never touched this "buff $1" myself.

>>what good is the "si" and "siclose" messages?  It seems pretty
>>automatic with my Audiomedia II card on my PMac 7100.  How can I take
>>advantage of those messages?  I had a problem with the record feature in
>>that it would record sounds at 8bit 22k, even though my Audiomedia II has
>>never changed from 16 bit 44.1k settings. Is there a way to use messages
>>to control the specifications of recording a new file?
"si"(and"siclose") of aiff object cannot control "the specifications of
ing". it's fixed to machine default. i'm not sure cause i never used sound
d, but you may find something if you use "son" object to specify sound input
you can set input source,device,sound quality (still i'm not sure if it
with your AM card). this is same as with c/usnd.

>>the readme for the c/usnd objects says that they have pretty much the same
>>function.  What function is that?
function... i should have said "ability"? i only have a highscool-use
<->english dictionary. i wanted to mean that usnd and csnd is almost same
pt one is an user-interface object and the other is not.

>>is there a place we can find out more about phoneme programming of the
>>Speech Manger?
you can find a phoneme representation of english,mexican spanish in apple's
b site.

if there's any problem please let me know.i think i have to make better
in near future.



Date:    Thu, 25 Sep 1997 05:51:00 +0900
From:    =?ISO-2022-JP?B?GyRCQGlMbiEhPSgwbBsoQg==?=

Subject: ichi_fat_v3

again... i uploaded "sr","","" as "ichi_fats_v3.sit.hqx" to
some problems of "sr" has been fixed (i hope). and...
current "" has a part ("p marq" subpatcher) written by my MAX guru
 Akamatsu Masayuki, which i unconsciously uploaded without his permission. i
plogize for this mistake.



Date:    Wed, 24 Sep 1997 15:05:33 -0700
From:    Mike Metlay ++ Atomic City 
Subject: Re: Liquid Audio

From:    James Garfield 
>Subject: Re: sound technology
>I was also wondering about Liquid Audio, so I checked it out in detail.
>Liquid Audio is the music industry's choice for the distribution of
>digital audio over the Internet.

Liquid Audio is what the nice people at Liquid Audio believe will be
the industry's choice for the distribution of digital audio over the
Internet if they can convince enough people to make statements like
the above, and believe them. That, by the way, implies nothing bad
about Liquid Audio at all; it's merely an observation of how standards
become standards sometimes.

>My question: has anyone here actually paid for the Pro Tools Liquid
>Audio plugin? and does anyone know how to get either the Liquid Audio
>encoder or the server software?  The Liquid Audio site was less than

There will be a review of Liquefier in an upcoming issue of RECORDING.
Nick Batzdorf has a copy that he's been evaluating. I have not read
the review yet.

Speaking of RECORDING, I would like to say hi to any fellow MAXers who
might find themselves at the AES Convention this weekend in New York.
Please stop by the RECORDING booth and say hi (if I'm there) or leave
me a note (if I'm not).


And as for the two thousand, two hundred and sixty-eight patches you get
with a fully populated machine: as far as I'm concerned, that's not
synthesis, that's cable TV.                                  (n. rothwell)
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