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Subject: MAX Digest - 14 Sep 1997 to 15 Sep
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Topics of the day:

  1. Triggering MAX from audio
  2. Motor control via MAX
  3. aesend
  4. versionitis
  5. ichi objects update


Date:    Mon, 15 Sep 1997 01:34:51 -0400
From:    Dan Jamele 
Subject: Re: Triggering MAX from audio

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You may try using a MidiMan Midito audio encoder/decoder.  We sell them for
$189.00 if you want one.  Alternately, in the Jameco catalog, there is a
telephone audio decoder kit (I think they call that DTC or something for
"Dual Tine COding").  Anyway, it encodes/decodes the standard telephone
signals and gives you an output for each button tone.  We sell a small board
for $75.00 that will turn a contact closure or TTL output into Midi program
or song selects.  Either method may help you.  Alternately, why don't you
just have the Pentium send out a serial command and wire it to the Mac's
serial port?  Should be just as easy to hack as the audio files huh?

Dan Jamele
MediaMation(TM) Inc
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Date:    Mon, 15 Sep 1997 02:00:30 -0400
From:    Dan Jamele 
Subject: Re: Motor control via MAX

In a message dated 9/12/97 6:51:17 PM, you wrote:
Chris wrote:

>I am getting ready to embark on an installation project in which I hope
>to use max to:
>Turn some motors on when people enter the space (via pressure switch or
>light sensor)... is there any good information published
>on the web regarding this process. I would think that it is pretty
>standard stuff for Max. Specifically
>I need to know what is on my shopping list so that I can put together a
>praposal. Will I need to buy a Pavo
>MIDI dimmer switch? Where is a good source for switches?

The easiest, and cheapest, motors to control are RC type servo motors.
range from the little ones at your local Hooby store, to 1000 lb thrust
linears available through CK Designs in Los Angeles.  We make a small Midi
Servo board (The MidiPWM) that will control 8 motors directly from Midi in
either high resolution ((pitchbend) or regular 7 bit via controllers.  It
only costs $199.00 and is ready to plug motors into directly.  It has EEPROM
to save the individual minimum and maximum position settings for each motor,
no pots to tweak!  We also make all kinds of other Midi to Real World
interfaces and lighting dimmers.

Dan Jamele
MediaMation(TM) Inc
2461 W, 205th St. # B-100
CA. 90501
310-320-0696  Phone
310-320-0699  Fax  (email)   (crummy old web page to be updated soon)


Date:    Mon, 15 Sep 1997 14:35:33 +0200
From:    Jeffrey Burns 
Subject: aesend

Could anyone tell me where to get a FAT version of aesend? I want to give
virtual Macintosh-keyboard input to a non-scriptable program which will be
active while Max is in the background. Is aesend>>Quickeys>>activeProgram a
good way to do this? 1e+06 thanx.

Jeff Burns


Date:    Mon, 15 Sep 1997 10:42:30 -0700
From:    Alex Stahl 
Subject: versionitis

Recently, I had too many old versions of Max on my system, and while
consolidating them I lost track of the current version of one object
(multiSlider). To confound the mixup I forgot that since standard objects
on the 3.5 CD are hidden in the installer, they don't show up in searches.
Silly me.

Nonetheless, what with all the updates and the many indispensible yet
"unsupported" third-party objects (which are ironically easier to find on
the CD, btw),  not to mention that certain patches still run a lot better
on my old Quadra, I find it all too easy to accidentally downgrade one of
the several thousand files inside my Max folders.

Has anyone gone to the trouble of maintaining a catalog of objects, their
status, and source?  Does anyone else think this would be very helpful, or
am I alone in my slovenly object management habits?



>Alex Stahl writes:
>>There isn't a PPC version of multiSlider, is there?
>MiltiSlider is a standard Max object and the FAT version comes with the 3.5
>Which beta version are you still using?


Date:    Mon, 15 Sep 1997 23:31:09 +0200
From:    dudas 
Subject: ichi objects update

Dear Maxers,

I have just put an archive with updated versions of the ichi objects on the
ircam max ftp.  The bug-fixed objects are:

'csnd', 'ispeak' and 'usnd'

You can find the updated archive at the usual place:

If you want to browse the ftp site, please go directly to:

This folder is invisible from its parent directory, so you need to type the
whole path to get there. You cannot access it by starting out in the /pub/
level directory.



End of MAX Digest - 14 Sep 1997 to 15 Sep 1997