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  1. detonate?
  2. Corrected date on Call for Works (fwd)


Date:    Thu, 28 Aug 1997 11:58:14 -0500
From:    Eric Rosenzveig 
Subject: detonate?

Wondering if the aforementioned object is available for 3.0? On an FTP
site? If it will help for the following?

Or better still, suggestions as to how to record multiple streams of MIDI
which can then be opened in a notation program (Notability for NEXT) and
fall properly within the required tempo and time signature settings of the
piece. For example with material of anything other than 4/4, when played it
sounds 'true' to the specified meter and tempo but when time stamped by the
seq object it is saved as a standard midi file of 4/4. I attempted to use
playSMF as I can specify tempo precisely, but this object doesn't seem to
record channel info. My workaround is to record the whole thing 'live' in
mtr and then one at a time play the tracks from mtr and record into
playSMF, save each file, open in my non IAC sequencer, change meter, resave
and export to Notability. Any advice on quicker solutions appreciated.

Thanks, Eric Rosenzveig


Date:    Thu, 28 Aug 1997 16:11:12 -0700
From:    Christopher Murtagh 
Subject: Corrected date on Call for Works (fwd)

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Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 09:32:15 -0600
From: (Steven M. Miller)
Subject: Corrected date on Call for Works

Following is the corrected call for works.  Apologies for the inconvenience.
        The date for the submission of live performance proposals was
incorrect (should have read 1998, not 1997).

The Contemporary Music Program
The College of Santa Fe

Announces a Call For Works

Background Information:
        The 2nd Annual Santa Fe International Electro-Acoustic Music
Festival will be held April 3 & 4, 1998 in Santa Fe New Mexico, USA.  This
year's festival will comprise several events:
        Outdoor ambient sound/music installation in the CMP (Contemporary
Music Program) courtyard
        Performance by the CSF Electro-Acoustic Music Ensemble lead by
David Dunn and Steven M. Miller
        Afternoon concert of electro-acoustic tape music
        Two evenings of live electro-acoustic performances (performers TBA)

The Call for Works:
Tape Music:
        We are soliciting tape music works intended for stereo playback in
an indoor location conducive to active and attentive listening in a
comfortable environment (not a typical concert hall).  Preference is for
recent works, no longer than 15-18 minutes in length (to facilitate a
larger number of pieces presented), composed specifically for the
electro-acoustic tape music medium.
        All submissions must be submitted on audio CD or DAT (44.1 ONLY),
and include short program notes and bio on composer/performers involved.
Technical info may also be included.
        All submissions for tape music must be postmarked no later than 15
February 1998.

Live Performance:
        Proposals for live performance of electro-acoustic music will also
be considered.  Please be aware that at this time only a modest honorarium
for performers can be offered.  Regrettably, we can not provide or assist
with transportation, lodging or other expenses.
        All submissions must include a high quality recording of the
piece(s) to be performed or other relevant examples, a complete description
of technical needs (indicating which will be provided by the performers,
and which will be need to be provided by us), and program notes and bio on
        All submissions for live performances must be postmarked no later
than 15 January 1998.

Please send all submissions and requests for information to:

        Steven M. Miller, Director
        Contemporary Music Program
        The College of Santa Fe
        1600 St. Michael's Drive
        Santa Fe NM 87505

Further info can also be requested via email from: CMP@UNIX.NETS.COM

Steven M. Miller - Director, Contemporary Music Program
Asst. Professor of Contemporary Music
Performing Arts Department
The College of Santa Fe
1600 St. Michael's Drive
Santa Fe, NM 87505 USA


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