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Subject: MAX Digest - 24 Aug 1997 to 26 Aug
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Topics of the day:

  1. ftp and ichi
  2. notes, IAC delay
  3. patchcords
  4. pathcords part II


Date:    Sun, 24 Aug 1997 23:14:10 -0600
From:    Ken Gregory 
Subject: Re: ftp and ichi

Hi People! I had no problem finding the new IRCAM Max stuff from the ftp
site (including the ichi patches and objects) using Fetch 2.1.2.

Hope this helps.

>> ichi's sound manager and other objects (FAT/sound)
>There is no FAT/sound directory...
>Could you please check whether your updates are actually accessible from

Ken Gregory
704-138 Portage Ave. East
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3C 0A1
ph. 204-942-7510  fax 204-942-1555


Date:    Mon, 25 Aug 1997 13:17:02 -0700
From:    peter elsea 
Subject: notes, IAC delay

Trying out a suggestion for displaying notes on a screen, I have been
sending chords from Max to Overture via the IAC bus. (On a 7100 mac,
running at 80mhz.)  I've noticed the following:
a) It works
b) There is a delay from the time the note is sent til it appears on the
screen. This delay could have three causes-
 Overture, (in step enter mode) processes the notes at note off time,
 Overture takes a noticable time to do this processing (it is display,
after all), and a little less time when the note comes in on the modem
 This would imply a delay on the IAC buss between Max and Overture, but
when notes are played by max and the thru feature of Overture, there is no
noticable delay.
 This delay may be acceptable in the case presented (i.e.  indeterminacy and
a leisurely tempo.) But might be a problem in other situations.

c) You can only have one note value for this trick, as you must do it in
steptime. (Overture does all transcribing after recording.)
d) The screen is pretty cluttered, and it takes some  fussing to get a
display that won't change surprisingly. The trick is to specify just the
right number of measures per line to justify the note value you are using,
otherwise Overture justifies at the end of each measure, moving everything
on the line.

Following up on IAC delay, I duplicated Jeremy Roberts' problem, sending
notes from Max to Vision, triggering MIDIKeys. Finding:
a) Vision version 2 has some strange timing with MIDIKeys anyway, depending
on the setting of the "queue" option. (If checked, sequences finish before
a new one starts.) This version (admittedly out of date) also crashes when
MIDI keys get too active.
b) There is a definite delay from Max to MIDIKeys, but again, thru playing
is simultaneous.
(There is a perfectly understandable reason for this. The
sensible way to code a thru function is in the readhook, an interrupt
routine that gets called when MIDI data comes in. Thus, thru output can be
sent  before any other part of the program is aware data has been received.)

Next, I sent notes from Vision to Overture, finding the same delays.

Finally, I sent IAC data from Max to Max: Noteout to the IAC buss, and an
IAC notein. Timer showed a 1 ms or less delay, and notes played immediately
and through the IAC loop sounded simultaneous to me.

Conclusion: Unless David Z cheated and somehow captures IAC data when the
same buss is referenced for input and output (can't imagine why), Max blows
the tires off Vision and Overture when it comes to processing IAC data.

(Again, perfectly reasonable behavior - imagine the amount of code that is
invoked by Overture to display notes on the screen. Vision MIDIkeys is
probably more direct, but it's still mapped through the MIDIkeys table to
the Mac keyboard table to the  sequence start routine.)

Peter Elsea
Director of Electronic Music Studios
University of California, Santa Cruz


Date:    Mon, 25 Aug 1997 22:19:49 +0000
From:    Louis Latraverse 
Subject: Re: patchcords

hi out there,

since I upgraded to Max 3.5.6, I can't get rid of the patch cord
just by command x. When I selected a patchcord in edit mode and look at
the edit menu the only item available is paste. The rest works fine.
I reinstall 3.5 from the cd-rom and this problem is still hang around.
I remind reading something about that but I can't find .... etc.
some help would be appreciate.
I'm working on a project that use pict and pics and movie, control
by a WX-7 and hope soon a pitch to midi device to hook on my soprano
I'm working on PPC 7500/100, 48 meg ram, 7.5.5 .

Bonjour =E0 tous les utilisateurs francophones


Date:    Tue, 26 Aug 1997 00:02:56 +0000
From:    Louis Latraverse 
Subject: Re: pathcords part II

Sorry, my question was quite stupid, a misfit from passing from 2.5 to
3.5 to often. It make me also realize that I get a little too long away
from Max. Coming back from vacation is sometimes harder then we think
of. Forgive me.
Bonjour du Quebec


End of MAX Digest - 24 Aug 1997 to 26 Aug 1997