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  1. MTR probs
  2. pre-newbie question


Date:    Sat, 23 Aug 1997 12:37:40 +1000
From:    Iain Mott 
Subject: Re: MTR probs

>However, when I try to play back the data file I get strange errors.  A
>couple of the channels don't play at all and several of the channels are
>swapped.  Needless to say, this wreaks havoc with my performance.

i've experienced similar problems with mtr (Max 3.0) - and recently gave up
on it entirely - creating my own object in Max.

It uses multiple "coll" objects for storage - and saves the contents with
the patcher rather than as a file.

It's a little bit clunky and i'm still ironing out a few problems - but if
it seems worthwhile i'll post you a copy (early this week i hope). There
may also be problems with the storage limit of colls; i don't know what
this is and i seemed to run into trouble with particularly long recordings
(part of the reason why i've opted for multiple colls rather than a single
coll with lots of data).

- also, i think at present it only records integers - but it should be easy
to modify. likewise - the current number of tracks is 12 - but can be added

cheers, iain

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Date:    Fri, 22 Aug 1997 22:47:05 +0000
From:    Jeremy Roberts 
Subject: Re: pre-newbie question

>that Max wasn't as simple as
>Opcode makes it out to be...that I would need some background in
>my question to the list is to what extent is this true?

Max is deep. Max is logical. Max is amazing. Max kept me up for 60
straight hours when I first installed it. It continues to be my #1
all-nighter inspiration tool. And I'm only doing real basic stuff with
it... some user interface things and very basic if-thens and show
control... I know very, very little about Max compared to the big boys on
this list, but I can tell you that I'm "just" a musician. Technically
proficient, yes, but "only" a piano player if you cut to the chase... I'm
not a programmer in any sense of the word... You do not have to be a
hard-core pocket protector/Dilbert worshiping geek to understand Max.

However, it is still a programing language and you have to learn it. You
don't have to master it to communicate.

The documentation and tutorials are made for smart people to learn, grow,
create and everything is hands-on. The help system (interactive,
programmed in Max code) is brilliant. The tutorials lead you along, a
step at a time and if you're not intimidated by new things, new concepts,
new ways to communicate, then it's not very complicated at all...

The biggest obstacle for me is not how to connect the boxes, but basic
user interface issues... if you can flow chart your desired program on
paper, then working in Max becomes knowing your tools...

I'm just scratching the surface and enjoying the journey quite a bit.
Making something from a blank page is a very cool thing. I take making
records for granted... that's my day job... it's easy and I know what I'm
doing. I'm sure there are programmers who take Max for granted... I sure

This mailinglist is the single greatest reason to buy Max... the people
here are some of the smartest people working with music technology...  I
learn something from this list every day (usually!)

If you're prepared to have fun and enjoy the challenge of a good learning
experience, Max won't let you down.

Good luck!



End of MAX Digest - 22 Aug 1997