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Subject: MAX Digest - 22 Aug 1997 to 23 Aug
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Topics of the day:

  1. pre-newbie question
  2. hot fats
  3. Ircam FTP update


Date:    Sat, 23 Aug 1997 01:18:50 LCL
From:    Forrest Fang 
Subject: pre-newbie question

. I had been looking into Symbolic Composer
>4.0 & Sseyo's Koan, and asked some musicians that are into this stuff (
>Forrest Fang, Robert Rich & Lustmord) and they told me to look into Max,
>said it was fun, and also told me to beware, that Max wasn't as simple as
>Opcode makes it out to be...that I would need some background in
>my question to the list is to what extent is this true?

>Marcos R.Sawosky
 I'm actually a little aghast that Marcos posted the contents of my private
e-mail to him.  I have the highest respect for the MAXers on this list
(especially David Z.--thanks for your assistance in tracking down 'M'), and
am actually quite bowled over by the capabilities of the program.  It came
highly recommended to me by Kenneth Newby.  I've also been having quite a
bit of fun with some of the patches from the MAX community, such as Matthew
Davidson's.  That said, I'm still a novice at figuring it out (I split my
time between law and music), and did not intend for my comments to go any

Best regards,

Forrest Fang


Date:    Sat, 23 Aug 1997 03:19:14 -0400
From:    fletcher 
Subject: Re: hot fats

>Ichi wrote:
>> i have uploaded fat versions of usnd,ispeak,aiff,apd, including new
>> external for speech recognition , to ircam ftp site.
>Fantastic - I (and not only me) have been waiting for it since months!
>Thank you!
>Unfortunately, I could not locate your upload.
>is empty. Could you specify the exact location?

For now they are in...

...but they should soon be moved into the regular hierarchy under...



Date:    Sun, 24 Aug 1997 01:35:25 +0200
From:    dudas 
Subject: Ircam FTP update

The Ircam FTP has been updated once again!
 New items:
     A collection of four patches by Otto W. Henry (FAT/applications)
     Version 3.0 of CMNAT's 'mlp' object (FAT/chance)
     desksize and frontwindow (FAT/graphics)
     ichi's sound manager and other objects (FAT/sound)

 Other Recently Updated items:
     Elsea-Lobjects - includes updated Lswap, Lpair (FAT/composition)
     MaxPac2.0 is now fat (FAT/composition)
     DudasTools includes a couple of updated items (FAT/utilities)
     McCartney tools includes 'permute' and 'rotate' (FAT/utilities)

It's important to point out that the FAT ichi objects in the sound folder
include: 'aiff' - a FAT AIFF file player and 'ispeak' - a FAT speech
manager object; many people on this list have expressed the need for such

The Ircam Max Object FTP's URL is:

You MUST type the complete path because the max directory is not visible
from its parent directory.

Hope you all continue to have a wonderful and fruitful Summer,
Richard Dudas and Tom Mays (a.k.a Xoaz and Zoron)


End of MAX Digest - 22 Aug 1997 to 23 Aug 1997