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Topics of the day:

  1. changing picts
  2. Ircam Forum CD
  3. ctlin as bang - is this the efficient way?
  4. tamper proof patches? (2)
  5. Something very personal


Date:    Thu, 24 Jul 1997 09:52:43 +0200
From:    Jeffrey Burns 
Subject: changing picts

Dear Bob,

For two years now, I've been juggling around ways to display, change and
move pictures on screen. Before Max 3.5 came out, I had sworn never to use
the pict object, as it only gave 8-bit color and as the colors came out
wrong on a PowerMac unless you switched your monitor to 256 colors, making
it necessary to fiddle around with monitor controls during a multimedia

But alas, without telling us, the great Z has fixed up the colors not only
in pict but also in pics, of which the latter usually arouses the reaction
"eh, what you say". Pics is a dinosaur format from the days before
QuickTime which contains a row of pictures, a kind of virtual note pad that
you flip with your thumb to give the impression of animation. Whiling away
the hours in Maxaholism, I recently discovered that pics now works
perfectly for changing pictures quickly, as well as for moving them around
on screen. To make a pics file I use Grafikkonvertor, a shareware program
available on CD-Roms that come with the German Mac Magazine, but also
available in an English version from This program will
convert a whole folder of pict images to a pics file in one swoop. Once the
pics object is set up, you can change pictures by simply giving the object
a new frame number.

The only disadvantage of pics is that the entire animation file is loaded
into memory, so that your picture material may not exceed available RAM
(although making a pics file compresses the material to one fourth its
size, as I have found). To solve this problem, I have asked Peter Castine
to make an object called "moovie", which allows placement of a QT movie
display. I am presently using his alpha version and it works great.

Hope this helps.



Date:    Thu, 24 Jul 1997 13:32:01 +0200
From:    dudas 
Subject: Ircam Forum CD

Thorsten Olscha writes:

>What is the "Ircam Forum CD" and where is it available?

Let's start off by explaining the Ircam Forum.
The Ircam Forum is basically the Ircam software user community at large.
Since Ircam is not a commercial enterprise, it can't simply sell and
distribute it's software in the traditional sense.  So, the Forum was
established as a means of creating an active community of
computer-musicians who can share info and ideas, and who, through their
membership with the Forum, recieve the latest versions of Ircam's software.
Admittedly, the idea of a "club" is a bit euphamistic (if I may use the
word in this sense), since it's obvious that, in many members' eyes, the
whole point of the "club" is just to get the software, but that's how it

Of course these people are overlooking the other adavantages of joining the
forum... the biannual forum get-togethers, discounts on Ircam's weekend
workshops, and the marvellous technical support available for the Ircam
software, among other things! (Forum members reading this will have a good
laugh at my cheeky self-pormotion, because they know I'm the poor soul
providing the technical support at the other end of the line!!!)

The Forum also sponsors the disk-space for Ircam's max-external FTP server,
so delightfully collected and organized by Tom Mays (Zoron) and myself
(Xoaz). (By the way, the "x" is pronounced like a "z" as in "xylophone",
"xiphoid", "xanthin" or "xerox".)

The Forum's bi-annual CD ROM is the main distribution method for the
software. You can only get the CD if you join the Forum.

So just what IS the software anyway? The software (Macintosh and Unix), is
split into three categories: computer-aided composition [Patchwork (mac)],
analysis/synthesis [Audiosculpt (mac), SVP (unix), Modalys (mac, unix),
Diphone (mac)], and real-time [Max/FTS (NeXT, SGI)].  For details on these
programs, please consult the ircam web site:

Max (for Macintosh), although invented at Ircam by Miller Puckette, is not
available through the Forum, since it is already distributed by Opcode
Systems, Inc. (as you probably all know, or else you wouldn't be on this
list).  The enormous collection of public-domain max objects is also placed
on the CD ROM as a service to forum members, so they don't have to waste
their time and money downloading the 30-odd megabytes from the ftp site.
(yes, I just checked, and the whole thing is about 30 MB decompressed!)

Anyway, for more information on the Forum in general, as well as membership
fees, please refer to the following URL:

The membership fees are listed (in French Francs) at the end of "Forum
Service Contract"/ "Contrat Service Forum".

It would be nice to hear everyone's thoughts, suggestions, compliments and
complaints. There's nothing I like more than instigating a heated
discussion on the Max list! It makes it all the more worth reading!!!

-Richard Dudas


Date:    Thu, 24 Jul 1997 10:48:23 -0400
From:    Jeremy Roberts 
Subject: Re: ctlin as bang - is this the efficient way?


>If I were feeling paranoid, I'd also use a "change"
>object to filter out double-clicks.


Thanks, tried it then actually learned what "change" does! :-) In this
application, a musician (not me, this wouldn't be required if it were
just for personal use) will use pedals to "step through" a chain of
events... "next, next, next... etc..." we'll also have "previous"
available for overshoots.... If I use change, then I have to make an
event to reset it, at a prescribed time, let's say 5 seconds... to me
that takes some control away from the musician, so I elected not to use
it. Let's hope they have some self discipline and reasonable pedal
technique (because if they go rapid fire "next, next, next..." they'll
blow the studio 5 up. That's well documented.

Thanks to you and the others you advised me on this.

All the best,



Date:    Thu, 24 Jul 1997 11:08:14 -0400
From:    Stephen Kay 
Subject: tamper proof patches?

>Is there a backdoor to get into a compiled app or collective once made?
>The reason I ask is that I want to prevent anyone, especially our pit
>musicians, from tampering and messing up anything... yes, I don't trust
>them... basically, I want to make an application that's tamper proof....=

>I've looked around and it appears that once compiled into an application=
>a collective is safe from prying eyes... yes???
>Jeremy Roberts

Well, it depends what you mean by tamper-proof.  Any application can be
tampered with and made inoperable by using Res-Edit on it in various ways=
=2E =

If you open a Max made application or collective in Res-Edit, you can
delete various objects and patchers individually and muck things up - but=
doubt you would be able to do anything except make ruin the application.

Stephen Kay

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Date:    Thu, 24 Jul 1997 17:26:59 +0000
From:    Jean Favory 
Subject: Something very personal

Hello everybody,

I did a mistake and I was "SIGNOFF" of this list since July the 13th.
Can someone send me the mails exchanged on this list since this date
until now (July the 24th) in a digest form?
Thank you in advance.




Date:    Thu, 24 Jul 1997 09:32:07 -0700
From:    Mike Metlay ++ Atomic City 
Subject: Re: tamper proof patches?

From:    Jeremy Roberts 
>Subject: tamper proof patches?
>Is there a backdoor to get into a compiled app or collective once made?
>The reason I ask is that I want to prevent anyone, especially our pit
>musicians, from tampering and messing up anything... yes, I don't trust
>them... basically, I want to make an application that's tamper proof....

You have pit musicians who would be interested in hacking into your
MAX patcher? They must be growing smarter pit orhcestras these days.
The last time I worked with a pit orchestra, the violist was crying
because the oboist detuned one of the tuning pegs on her viola and
wouldn't tell her which one.



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