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Subject: MAX Digest - 10 Jul 1997 to 11 Jul
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Date:    Fri, 11 Jul 1997 02:47:12 -0400
From:    Dan Jamele 
Subject: max archive

Please keep the archive if possible.  Thanks


Date:    Fri, 11 Jul 1997 02:59:06 -0400
From:    Dan Jamele 
Subject: Re: Robot control

In a message dated 7/10/97 5:52:14 AM, you wrote:


We've been using MAX to control robots, animatronic characters, motion
simulators, special FX etc. for several years now.  We make a complete array
of Midi I/O devices specifically for this type of control. (Check out the
dinosaurs on the "Lost World" movie, all Midi controlled using our
interfaces!)  Call us or email me your address and I'll be happy to get you
more info.

Dan Jamele
MediaMation(TM) Inc
2461 W, 205th St. # B-100
CA. 90501
310-320-0696  Phone
310-320-0699  Fax  email


Date:    Fri, 11 Jul 1997 23:15:54 +0200
From:    dudas 
Subject: QDGlobals...

This is a question destined for power-maxer/external-programmers like
Stephen Kay...

I'm working on a couple of externals that need offscreen graphics calls...
(one of them being a rudimentary music notation display object).

I'm compiling OK, but I get a link error when making the 68k external. The
error is related to the Quickdraw global qd.thePort:

Link Error   : chord.c: 'qd' referenced from 'chord_int' is undefined.

It is indeed defined in Quickdraw.h, and should be defined in MacOS.lib. No?

Anyway, any help would be appreciated from those of you who have made
Quickdraw-heavy User interface objects.

On the PPC side of things the code compiles ans links.
I suppose I could make a PPC-only object, but I'd rather not.
These will be publicly available objects, if and when I ever have time to
finish them...



Date:    Fri, 11 Jul 1997 22:34:49 +0100
From:    Frederic Murray 
Subject: Moment of curiosity

Excuse my bad english. When we authorize MAX with the software
Deauthorize (?) in the Master disk, what mean the check box that indicate
"Make a copy of the software on the hard disk"?
What is that? Thank you for this moment of curiosity.

Frederic Murray
Etudiant en musique
Universite Laval, Quebec


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