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Subject: MAX Digest - 5 Jul 1997 to 6 Jul
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  1. install problem


Date:    Sun, 6 Jul 1997 21:41:19 EDT
From:    "Robert B. Carl" 
Subject: install problem

Dear Maxers, and in particular David Zicarelli:

 I have an embarrassingly simple question. I've been using Max
over the past three years at the Hartt School of Music, where I teach. We
using version 2.0 and recently upgraded to 3.0. I've felt for some time I
needed a copy to work with at home, if I was going to make any serious
with it, esp. in terms of real pieces (up to this point I've done various
"etudes"), so I ordered 3.5 from Opcode. Here is my configuration at home:

Mac SE30, with 20mg of Ram
Operating system 7.5.3, revision 2
External Iomega Zip drive
MOTU MIDI TimePiece, with system 1.03

        I realize that it may seem insane to be using a SE30, but it's
served me well over the years, and I am loyal to it, upgrading its memory,
etc--a little like an Volkswagen one keep refurbishing. Further, I have the
Mode32 extension which changes the SE30 to 32-bit addressing.

        Anyway, I borrowed an optical drive from a friend and proceeded to
installation of Max onto a Zip disk, which would be dedicated to that
application alone. That went fine, but when I tried to open it, I got a
which said "unimplemented trap". I called Opcode, and they suggested that
Zip drive couldn't handle the application, and that I should install it on
hard drive. SO, I transferred all my files there to Zip disk, then ran the
install again direct to the hard drive (I also made sure that all extensions
were turned off, except for the one which drove the optical drive).
Unfortunately, the same problem occurred; it was impossible to open the
application. Calls to Opcode went unaswered, so I faxed them, and about a
later they responded, saying that this version of Max was having problems
running on older Macs and that "Zicarelli was working on solving the problem
an upcoming version."

        Is that true? I don't have much confidence in Opcode support
and I haven't noticed anyone talking about this problem on the Max website
(perhaps because I'm far too antiquated with my hardware..). I also wonder
this could have anything to do with the OMS system and MIDI
(which I have  noticed a lot of discussion about). If there is some simple
to this problem, please let me know, or let me know how to get the update
will solve it. I really appreciate any thoughts you have on this; right now
it's frustrating, sort of like having the keys locked in the car.

All the best,

Robert Carl 


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