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  1. multi-segment (Was: A Rant)
  2. creator problem


Date:    Sat, 28 Jun 1997 11:15:38 +0100
From:    Nick Rothwell 
Subject: Re: multi-segment (Was: A Rant)

>As for using "Think C + Objects" to write externals, I am not
>going to get into this. Life is too short to pay attention to
>psuedo-C++ hacks when $19.95 will get you an actual C++ environment
>with a decent compiler.

I thought you said that this was academic users only? I have the
MacWarehouse catalogue here and CodeWarrior is L279.95 + tax, which comes
to about $500. No mention of an academic discount, and I doubt the $19.95
discount applies outside the US, and anyway, I am not an academic user.

And I don't have a CD-ROM drive. A flick through this catalogue ... lemme
see, new CD-ROM drives (external) come in at around the $350 mark. So far,
my calculations make that $850. I could probably find a second-hand CD-ROM
for around $100, bringing the total to $600.

Here's where I prove that I'm even more neurotic about upgrading anything
than Mike is. I didn't understand your message about vtables, and what
hoops I might have to jump through to get objects working reliably at
interrupt, although if there is support or example code for that then I'd
be happy. If not, then I only get to the stage of trying to get things to
work after the installation (I use EMACS as external editor, stuff like
that), with no guarantee that this $600 gets me any additional
functionality at all (apart from the ability to listen to CD's while

OK, OK: I'll write anybody here a cheque for $19.95 if they can get me a
copy of CW, and I'll hunt around for a second-hand CD-ROM for it. Any

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Date:    Sat, 28 Jun 1997 15:32:12 -0400
From:    dAvId_cRoNkItE 
Subject: creator problem


Sorry to revisit an old problem... (I didn't take note last time since it
didn't seem that it concerned me.)

I changed my 3.5.1 for 3.5.4 yesterday and now all of my files launch
MaxPlay instead of Max.... What to do?


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