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Subject: MAX Digest - 30 May 1997 to 31 May
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Topics of the day:

  1. MAX for Newton
  2. Max 3.5.4 update from 3.5 >> externals to update folder containing mtr
  3. contents of Max3.5.4
  4. setting screen resolution
  5. I-Cube
  6. Where are we Captain?
  7. snd files


Date:    Fri, 30 May 1997 21:28:49 -0700
From:    Steve Ellison 
Subject: Re: MAX for Newton

>PS MAX for Newton, a fantastic idea! David, you had better get your huge
>team of
>programmers working on it at once :-)
I just bought an MP-2000 a couple weeks ago.  Fun stuff!  Good article in
Mactech last month convinced me to make the plunge.  I think somebody at
CNMAT has done some MIDI stuff with the Newton.

Steve Ellison      
Level Control Systems


Date:    Fri, 30 May 1997 23:08:05 -0600
Subject: Max 3.5.4 update from 3.5 >> externals to update folder containing

Hello fellow maxers

No doubt this is not de place to bring this up however here goes.

Yesterday and again today  I downloaded Max 3.5.4 update from 3.5 and
found some strange piece  of data named mtr  being a 32k stuffit lite
Partial file dated tues May 27 97 in the externals to update folder.
Sooo when I tried to destuffit nutten happened.    When I scanned the
folder with Diseninfectant it reported that ### The resource fork of
this file is damaged or### in an unknown format. It cannot be checked.

Has any one else found this?

What do I with dat mtr?

Oh by the way where is MAX 3.5.4?

Walter Sheluk/MUSIC PLUS


Date:    Sat, 31 May 1997 21:11:14 +0900
From:    Shinji Moriwaki 
Subject: contents of Max3.5.4

I downloaded Max3.5.4update (not 3.5.3).
I got 2 items in "add to max-help" folder, and 6 items in "externals to
update" folder.
And the icon of mtr object was crashed-icon of stuffit.


Shinji Moriwaki


Date:    Sat, 31 May 1997 12:47:29 -0500
From:    Fred Collopy 
Subject: setting screen resolution

This one is not a Max question, but this is one of the smartest groups of
people I know programming Macs, so here goes. Does anyone know how to set
the resolution for a multiscan monitor in C?

Thanks, Fred


Date:    Sat, 31 May 1997 13:26:18 -0400
From:    Bob Gluck 
Subject: I-Cube

Are any of you using I-Cube with a MTPII? No data (ie. sysex) seems to reach
my I-Cube when it is patched through that interface. No problem with an old
Translator Pro. Infusion Systems seems to not have an MTPII available and so
has been unable to offer advice. Any ideas about what could be wrong here?
Neither active sensing nor sysex are muted in the MTP software

Bob Gluck
Sheffield, MA


Date:    Sat, 31 May 1997 23:30:03 +0100
From:    solkai47 
Subject: Re: Where are we Captain?

Wanted: Answers and opinions.

Forum: Aesthetics

What is Music.

Answers please directly e-d to me.


Dick Hodson


Hoping to set up some kind of aesthetic users forum.  All input initially

Live long, and prosper!

P.s. Think about it?

Human 1
Collective All




Date:    Sat, 31 May 1997 20:14:08 -0400
From:    muhenry 
Subject: snd files

I have just started experimenting with the snd object and wonder if anyone
can point me to a site where I can download some snd files. Also, I wonder
there is a freeware converter that will change au and AIFF files into snd
files? I'm new to this, there may not be a way to convert these files into
one another.

Many thanks in advance.



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