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  1. MAX written as C functions


Date:    Tue, 20 May 1997 07:01:16 +1000
From:    David Rodger 
Subject: Re: MAX written as C functions

Roland Hemming wrote:
> Some functions might be very small. What i find is that when I write a
> is that I can divide that up into several smaller functions.
> I'm sure we all do this a little but I have taken this to an extreme where
> everything in this part program is a generic patcher. There are NO
> or similar patchers in my program. What I discovered after doing this is
> that the patcher size is considerably smaller.

What about when you want to do similar things in several places?  I'll give
example: I wish to define certain 'hotspots' in a 3D performance space whose
dimensions are mapped to Control Change messages.  I set up each hotspot in
the same way (although I pass different values to each, for each one's
location, etc.).  It's easier (at least for debugging) to do this in a
fashion and make each hotspot and instance of a Hotspot patcher.

If you don't duplicate anything, how do you achieve this sort of
Or do you mean that, instead of making duplicate instances, you encapsulate
them, i.e. p Hotspot, instead of Hotspot...?

Regards, David


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