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Subject: MAX Digest - 8 May 1997 to 9 May
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Topics of the day:

  1. Mac menus
  2. transparent round pics
  3. Efficiency
  4. preset problems
  5. ==== Has anyone written a Max editor or librarian for Roland gear??==


Date:    Fri, 9 May 1997 09:33:23 +0100
From:    "K-) Peter" 
Subject: Mac menus

        I now have my own menu showing (I hadn't loadbanged it with a
number higher than 1 before) and have excluded some menu objects like it
says in the reference manual using 15.
        What are the numbers to exclude any of the other menu objects
too ? I've already excluded the max menu bar on collection, but one
still says Max in it :-(
K-) Peter


Date:    Fri, 9 May 1997 09:27:00 +0100
From:    "K-) Peter" 
Subject: transparent round pics

        I want to layer a round picture on top of another but I stll get
the white square background corners of my circle showing.
        I can do a transparent cornered gif, or in photoshop a
transparent background, but what can I do in Max to get a transparent
background colour so my corners dissapear ?
        I don't want to use the internal max oval as I can't shade it or
impose a picture on it. I also can't find a correct drawing mode as both
the circle and the background are gradient shades and not solid colours.
K-) Peter


Date:    Fri, 9 May 1997 09:20:28 +0100
From:    "K-) Peter" 
Subject: Efficiency

>>        In terms of programming efficiency, are there any major pitfalls
>>in Max'ing; i.e. are Patchers more efficient processor wise ? Anything
>>to avoid or use in preference ?
>Hmmn. Did you read the "Efficiency" section of the manual?
>David Z.
Sorry but I've only just finished the tutorial manual. The "two pages"
I've now found in the reference manual doesn't really answer my question

1) Can I assume that the less objects the better even if they are more
complex ? Where is this list of object efficiency glossed over in the
two pages ?
2) Is it safe to use any number of sub patchers. Presumably Bpatchers
have the same overhead ? Yes I've also seen the two pages on
Encapsulation ;-)
3) What happens about execution order (right to left) in a sub patcher
compared to the main ? Presumably it follows a leg even down in to
SEVERAL sub patchers before going left back in the main ? And what
happens if it has display objects in the main ?
4) Can I safely use a menu to display 300 objects rather than having to
deliver them myself 10 at a time as required ?
5) Which is the most cpu efficent array object type ?

        So how do I get a file dialog to give the path to a Folder
object ?
K-) Peter


Date:    Fri, 9 May 1997 20:05:22 +0100
From:    Nick Rothwell 
Subject: Re: preset problems

>These are among the few limitations of the preset object. As Steven Kay
>informed me some time ago, if you use the preset object to save object
>values then add objects to your patcher you will lose all your presets.

This didn't use to be the case, way back in MAX 2.x, but is certainly the
case now. I thought presets were supposed to be relatively intelligent when
it comes to rearrangement of the objects whose state they hold.

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Date:    Fri, 9 May 1997 18:26:43 -0700
From:    ai 
Subject: ==== Has anyone written a Max editor or librarian for Roland


I'm interested in finding out if anyone has written
anything in Max or Galaxy for use with Roland

I'm writing some editors/librarians and had a few SysEx

Thanks in advance for any feedback to:


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