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Subject: MAX Digest - 30 Apr 1997 to 1 May
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Topics of the day:

  2. Venting Opcode Frustration
  3. 2.5.2 on a LCIII


Date:    Thu, 1 May 1997 00:05:45 -0400
From:    Stephen Kay 

I've been away in China for several weeks, and unable to access e-mail very
often - I would have liked to respond to some of the issues, but they've
been gone over fairly thoroughly.

In any event, I also thank David Z. heartily for his continued support, and
often times private support of my meanderings in the world of C coding.

On the following:

>However I am rather dismayed and disappointed to read at this forum that
>Opcode has made a corporate decision to sell for $15 two authorizations
>which was and  should continue to  be issued as a free back up. It is
>rather hard to understand after I and others have spent the big bucks to
>purchase the software and in turn offer free free free promotion to
>Opcode by talking about Opcode and showing for free free free to fellow
>musicians the results of using Opcode versus other software. However if
>Opcode has decided to make a measly fifteen bucks for additional back
>ups I guess we just cough up but I will not hesitate to pass on the
>comment about the rather cheap attitude of Opcode towards its customers
>when I demonstrate the programmes.

Perhaps you would prefer Opcode to be out of business, and all your
software frozen at it's current level forever.  Don't laugh - it could
easily happen, along with Apple.

If you figure that Opcode has sold 30,000 copies of Vision alone (a number
I once heard, although don't quote this as gospel), and that sending a
backup disk maybe costs half of the $15 they want for it (let's say $7.50),
then not sending out 30,000 backup disks for Vision only would result in a
savings of $225,000.  If a company was not doing so well, this would
certainly guarantee another month or two of operation and help hold out for
things to turn around, or other income to come in.  I'm not saying that
Opcode is not healthy at the moment, but...

Stephen Kay


Date:    Wed, 30 Apr 1997 21:28:26 -0700
From:    David Zicarelli 
Subject: Re: Venting Opcode Frustration

Richard Zvonar  writes:

>The latest version from Pace is already in use on Peak by BIAS, and  I
>expect we'll soon see it from Opcode as well.  A particularly charming
>feature of this one is its draconian response to the presence on one's hard
>drive of supposed "piracy" utilities, in particular Key Disk Terminator.
>On detecting KDT (whether it is in active use or not) the Pace installer
>will spontaneouly commit suicide, corrupting its Authorization counter and
>preventing the installation of the program.

I believe the new Vision/Studio Vision release uses the new
version of Pace. We didn't use it on Max because it was in beta-test
at the time 3.5 was released. Pace claims that the installs in the new
version can survive low-level disk formatting, and that they have
solved the problems with lost installs.

Of course, if we switched Max over to the new version, we'd have
to send out new key disks to everyone, which would apparently cost
all of you $15.


David Z.


Date:    Thu, 1 May 1997 19:03:00 -0400
From:    Christopher Murtagh 
Subject: 2.5.2 on a LCIII


Dear Maxers,

I would greatly appreciate some assistance with the following:

I'm running 2.5.2 on a LCIII. I have a patch which on loading requires to
read 192 PICT files (only v.small - no more than 2.2 Meg in total).
Search paths are fine - however on loading MAX freezes whilst reading
these PICTs and I have to reset. I have 5 Meg allocated to the
application so I can't see that causing the problem. The patch in itself
is only about 500k.

The most PICTs I can read without freezing is 8 (!) and the patch then
functions perfectly.

Can you help ?

p.s. What does the PICT size given in the MAX window relate to ?

Gregg Wagstaff - Lecturer in Sound, Time-based-arts, Duncan of
Jordanstone College of Art, University of Dundee, Scotland.


End of MAX Digest - 30 Apr 1997 to 1 May 1997