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Subject: MAX Digest - 28 Apr 1997 to 29 Apr
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Topics of the day:

  1. wishes for MAX 3.5.2 (was: snd object, number of voices)
  2. wishes for MAX 3.5.2
  3. MAX Digest - 27 Apr 1997 to 28 Apr 1997
  4. Venting Opcode Frustration


Date:    Tue, 29 Apr 1997 09:37:06 +0200
From:    "Dr. K@rlheinz Essl" 
Subject: Re: wishes for MAX 3.5.2 (was: snd object, number of voices)

Dear David, dear MAXers!

Another topic for MAX3.5.2 wish list:

I was posting a request for modification of the snd early to this list and
our wizzared David Z. unvealed that - with the help of ResEdit - one can
customize snd's number of voice.

I suggested to include an argument for the number of voices, and David Z.
pointed out:

> Better yet would be a percentage of total capacity, or maybe a number of
> channels you want to preserve. The problem is that if there were
> more than one snd object in your patch, it's not always clear
> which one will load first and that one would have to set the
> number of voices for all other snd objects.

I don't know which one makes more sense, but anyway I'd like to have a
handle to control the number of voices within a patch in order to optimize
it for different machines.

BTW, did anybody experiment with how many voices are available (and working
smoothly) on the new PowerMacs? On my PB190 (68040 based) the limit seems
to be around 8 voices.

Cheers, and happy MAXin'

Dr. K@rlheinz Essl
SAMT - Studio for Advanced Music & Media Technology
Bruckner-Konservatorium Linz / Austria

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Date:    Mon, 28 Apr 1997 23:04:31 -0700
From:    David Zicarelli 
Subject: Re: wishes for MAX 3.5.2

Jeffrey Burns  writes:

>David Z. is certainly magnanimous in his approch to this digest, and I
>agree with all those who have praised him recently. Since he has said he is
>doing some corrections, here are a few more problems and ideas:

I should point out that Opcode *is* paying me to fix bugs in 3.5
so the best way to find out what they are is to read the mailing

>bag and sustain: When I play a chord, press the sustaining pedal, re-play
>the chord and lift the pedal while holding the chord down, bag thinks that
>the chord has been released, although it hasn't.

But it *has* been released. The sustain pedal, assuming it's going to
your sound module, is a controller message that tells the sound module not
to stop sounding the current sound, whether or not a note-off message
has been received. It doesn't modify the behavior of your keyboard
so that it doesn't send note-offs when you release the chord.

>bag and minimum: The manual says "The value stored in minimum is replaced
>by the next smallest value in the list." This works on lists coming from
>bag via thresh only if they have been previously run through sort.
>Otherwise the value stored in minimum is unpredictable. I suppose maximum
>works similarly.

The manual is wrong. What really happens is that the *first* number
in the list is the new stored value. In the example shown in the
manual, you can see that the manual's interpretation and the
correct interpretation are both possible. I'm not going to change
the behavior of the objects since the weird notion that the
manual has about what they're supposed to do is nothing I personally
would want to *program* into the object. In any case, thanks
for alerting me (and now everyone else) to the bogus description
of the list message to minimum in the manual. Only seven years
after it was first written, probably.

>movie: How about adding arguments to position the movie window and knock
>off its title bar, just as is possible with the graphic window? (Peter
>Castine is presently working on this for me.)

If Peter is working on it, perhaps he'll share the fruits of his
labor with everyone else.

David Z.


Date:    Tue, 29 Apr 1997 14:16:38 -0400
From:    Steve Galante 
Subject: Re: MAX Digest - 27 Apr 1997 to 28 Apr 1997

>Date:    Mon, 28 Apr 1997 18:13:52 +0100
>From:    "K-) Peter" 
>Subject: Re: MAX Digest - 7 Apr 1997 to 8 Apr 1997

>4) I guess I'm thick but I had a lot of trouble remembering a sequence
>of keyboard characters form key, and just triggering them out again in
>the same sequential order. My current solution uses a COLL object and
>counters, but this seems like a hammer cracking a nut. Any other easy
>ideas ? I've tried CAPTURE and TEXT but these then send it out too
>quickly as a single list, rather than elements. I'm obviously missing
>something very basic about making and breaking lists but neither pack or
>unpack seem the right way round for what I need. I'd really just like a
>PIPE object that delayed each element and not ignored the inbetween
>ones. I guess it's a TABLE but I'm having problems with those :-(

_funbuff is a smaller and more efficient hammer than coll.
_coll, _table, _offer, _funbuff and probably others are really all arrays
and work on pretty much the same principle.
 _bag spits out its stored numbers one at a time but in reverse order. So
run it through another _bag?
_iter breaks up a list of numbers into individual messages.



Date:    Tue, 29 Apr 1997 17:50:46 +0000
From:    Tod Fiste 
Subject: Venting Opcode Frustration


(Thanks, I feel better now.)

The following is an e-mail I sent to Opcode tech support and their
reply.  I am so fed up with Opcode.  First they stick us with this bogus
copy-protection scheme, now this.  (I bet David Z. isn't seeing much of
this "money for development of future releases".)  By the way, does
anyone know what the algorythm is that determines when Max asks for the
original key disk to be inserted?  I'm unable to detect a pattern.  I
stumbled across a possible way to deal with the copy protection if I
could figure this out...

> I had problems with my new Mac, then with my hard drive.  With all the
> problems I am down to 1 authorization on my Max 3.5 key disk.  Please
> send me a new one (and please acknowledge this message by phone or
> e-mail - I cannot get through to your phone support number.  It is
> always busy.)

We have discontinued sending free backup disks upon registration of
Opcode software programs as a way to cut costs and put the money towards
development of future releases. You can always purchase an additional
disk with 2 authorizations for $15.00 USD sent by first class U.S. mail.
If you reply with a Visa or Mastercard, with expiration date, we can
send the disk to you. Or, call Customer Support at 415-856-3333 to place
your order.

Opcode Systems


End of MAX Digest - 28 Apr 1997 to 29 Apr 1997