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  1. MAX and Serial port control


Date:    Sun, 6 Apr 1997 19:44:53 -0400
From:    Dan Jamele 
Subject: Re: MAX and Serial port control

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Subject: High speed Serial PCI boards & MAX

Hi all maxers,

I have a problem...

I need for my installation "THE ROOM OF DESIRES"  four serial ports in MAX
3.5 (MAX piloted with RS 232C connections: 2 Videodisc players, 1 Video
mixer - digital effects and MIDI...).

My company, MediaMation makes a Midi to RS232 converter board just for this
purpose.  It has a Midi in and 2 RS232 ports output.  You can use Max to
SysEx messages with whatever RS232 commands you need imbedded into them.
 Each port is individually addressable and can operate at 1200, 2400, or
baud.  The list price is $249.00 USD.  After the demise of the NuBus
we needed a solution so we madke this board now.

Currently it is only transmit, but we are working on bi-directional
and on embedding pre-programmed commands triggerable by a Note On message
different devices, including Pioneer and Sony laser disk players.  Call us
310-320-0696.  Our web site is pretty old, but is at

Dan Jamele


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