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Subject: MAX Digest - 3 Apr 1997 to 4 Apr
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Topics of the day:

  1. High speed Serial PCI boards & MAX
  2. timing, speed doubler, OMS, cd+seq sync.
  3. Mac O/S 8 Preview
  4. MAX Digest - 2 Apr 1997 to 3 Apr 1997
  5. max price


Date:    Fri, 4 Apr 1997 08:07:34 +0200
From:    "David K. Mason" 
Subject: Re: High speed Serial PCI boards & MAX

>I need for my installation "THE ROOM OF DESIRES"  four serial ports in MAX
>3.5 (MAX piloted with RS 232C connections: 2 Videodisc players, 1 Video
>mixer - digital effects and MIDI...).
> BUT:
Before you buy equipment, do check out the media-control system developed
 Dataton AB.  They can control practically any RS232 device interactively
 well as MIDI.  I use their gear with two small Macs, one running MAX and=
 the other running Dataton TRAX, connecting both via either timecode or
 commands.  Their address is

Best regards, Dave Mason


Date:    Fri, 4 Apr 1997 10:58:36 +0200
From:    Jeffrey Burns 
Subject: timing, speed doubler, OMS, cd+seq sync.

Jeffrey Krieger wrote:

Subject: Re: Mac O/S 8 Preview

>Apple has chosen Louisville, Kentucky USA to be a preview site for their
>new System 8 O/S.  All attendees are required to sign a non-disclosure
>form allowing the sneak preview.  Preview date is April 26th, 1PM at the
>Jefferson Community College, Downtown Campus.

Any attendees: please let us know whether System 8 has any chance of
supporting MIDI for professional applications. We all know how much of a
priority this is for Apple.

(Not that I care, with my old 680x0-based PowerBooks.)

         Nick Rothwell, CASSIEL        contemporary dance projects        music synthesis and control

             years, passing by, VCO, VCF, and again, and again


Date:    Fri, 4 Apr 1997 11:40:15 -0500
From:    David Rokeby 
Subject: Re: MAX Digest - 2 Apr 1997 to 3 Apr 1997

Hi Pavel,

I don't know about the cards you mentioned or Max's relation to them.

>Problem is, that I work with Sony Videodisc Players and like David ROKEBY (
>2 weeks ago?: "This ACK/NACK protocol makes these players a real pain to
>use.." etc.) talk about, it works in special way..
>If I need to see all the numbers of the frames of videodisc in MAX, the
>serial port with this Sony connexion is really very busy.
>Maybe you know, David, where is solution for my Serial PCI boards?

The problem is not so much that the serial port itself is busy, since the
rate is only 9600 baud. In fact, if you are only receiving frame numbers,
then the Sony's are not hard to deal with. You just send the framerequest
code (I think it is 0x60 or 96 in decimal), and you will get 5 ASCII
numbers back. This would be similar for a Pioneer if I am not mistaken.

The problem is that once you start sending more commands, the need for
ACK/NACK's complicates everything, since you must wait for each ACK
before sending the next byte. This in itself is not impossible in MAX
unless you are trying to send a lot of commands and keep them very
tightly scheduled. If you are only searching for a frame, playing and
monitoring the frame numbers, you should be able to deal with two Sony
LDP's on a 8600 without much difficulty. The problems I have run into are
where we were trying to control multiple players doing very tight quick
loops under very demanding interactive control.

I put together a patch that communicates to an LDP-1550 through MAX
serial object that seemed to work. If you are interested I will dig it up
and send it along.


               David ROKEBY - Very Nervous Systems


Date:    Fri, 4 Apr 1997 12:28:36 -0700
From:    Ron Newman 
Subject: max price

I've had it with trying to deal with the opcode web page.  Like most big
companies they make information hard to get ahold of, for instance,
requiring your complete address on the inquiry form, and not listing basic
information like price and
hardware requirements, only marketing fluff.  They're still thinking in the
age of print media (don't list things that are liable to need updating and
reprinting), and don't get how the internet can and should be used (give
good information because it can be easily updated on a daily basis, if

So, all I'm trying to find out is, what is the street selling price of Max?
Ron Newman
Troubadour Technology Music


End of MAX Digest - 3 Apr 1997 to 4 Apr 1997