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  1. MAX on PB5300
  2. MAX, PowerBooks, and Timing
  3. Mari KIMURA & Yasuhiro OTANI
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Date:    Wed, 2 Apr 1997 03:12:04 -0500
From:    Dan Jamele 
Subject: Re: MAX on PB5300

In a message dated 4/1/97 9:45:27 PM, you wrote:

Subject: MAX, PowerBooks, and Timing

I have some concerns about the real-time scheduler in MAX 3.0 on
 7.5. I recently tried running MAX on
a PowerBook 5300c and the timing was TERRIBLE; even the simplest, slow
 metronomic stuff was stuttering like crazy.
Things really got screwed up when I tried playing a QuickTime movie &
 MIDI patch simultaneously! Installing
MIDI Manager and/or OMS only made things worse.

What's going on here? On older Mac models/OS's, the timing was still not
 perfect, but certainly acceptable for most
applications. My 160c running system 7.1 seems to do just fine, for example.
 MAX 3.0 Readme file mentions
something about the Apple "Extended Time Manager" potentially causing
 of this nature.

Does anyone know of a comprehensive study on this topic?>>

I have been running MAX 3.0 on a powerbook 5300cs for some time.  At first,
life was good.  But at some point, and I never could find out what caused
MAX began making my PB run really slow (all open applications and the finder
too!) whenever it was open.  OMS made it even worse.  I had to give up on
real time applications actually running on the PB5300.  THe Opcode response,
and I tryed everyone that would talk to me, was "gee, thats odd.  Wait for
version 3.5".  Well, 1.5 years later, I finannaly have version 3.5.  I
haven't loaded it yet, but will let you know how it works out or you let me
know if you try it first.

Dan Jamele


Date:    Wed, 2 Apr 1997 00:22:07 -0800
From:    David Zicarelli 
Subject: Re: MAX, PowerBooks, and Timing

Michael Pelz-Sherman  writes:

>I have some concerns about the real-time scheduler in MAX 3.0 on
> 7.5. I recently tried running MAX on
>a PowerBook 5300c and the timing was TERRIBLE; even the simplest, slow
> metronomic stuff was stuttering like crazy.

Apparently Michael hasn't been reading the list lately because
I believe I was the first person to complain about the
performance of 3.0 on a 5300, followed by lots of others.

The machine is a dog anyway and Michael, when the case cracks open
(and it will) and the screen goes dead, I suggest that it's a sign
that you should find a good door and use your 5300 to prop it open.

Having developed 3.5 on a 5300 (ouch!) I can assure you that even the
68K version runs quite a bit more smoothly...the problem with
3.0 (and a lot of other music software) is that the 1ms interrupt
causes lots of instruction set mode switches to happen for no
reason, consuming lots of CPU time. In 3.5, the interrupt interval
can be set to 10 or even 20ms and you get a lot of your 5300 back.
With halfway decent machines, this feature is unnecessary.

David Z.

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Date:    Thu, 3 Apr 1997 01:21:00 +0900
From:    =?ISO-2022-JP?B?GyRCQmdDKyEhMEI5KBsoQg==?=

Subject: Mari KIMURA & Yasuhiro OTANI

Dear Sirs,

I am pleased to inform you that a concert "interactive Music" will be held
April 16, 1997 at PITINN, Shinjyuku. Performers and contents of the concert
are as follows.  Would you kindly go through the followings. Although I
have informed you earlier in view of considering your business, I shall be
if you could be interested in the concert .and have chance to come by the
concert.  Please feel free to contact below address if you have any

Best regards,


Date       : April 16, 1997 (Wed.)
Place      : PITINN, Shinjuku
Performers : Ms. Mari Kimura / Computer, ZETA Violin, Violin
             Mr. Yasuhiro Ohtani/Computer, Guitar
Hall Open  : 19:00
Start      : 19:30
Contact    : Yasuhiro Ohtani
             E-mail :
             Room#206 3-7-7 Shimohoya, Hoya-shi, Tokyo

 [Concept of "Interactive Music"]
Both players use Software Developing tool "Max" on Macintosh to develop
own program for composing, playing, and even improvisation. Music they
are obviously different from the music so called "Computer music", or Game
music and they embody their originality in their unique music.  Definition
this concert's concept "Interactive" does' not mean complicated relation
between picture/video and performers.  They define "Interactive" here as
and simple relation between performers and instruments. For their

computer is not special device, nor additional device for instruments. You
feel through the concert that they consider and treat computers as just same
with other instruments and create from classical to contemporary,
music with computers and other instruments.

[Introduction of Performers]
Mari Kimura and Yasuhiro Ohtani have met at "ISEA96" which was held in last
September at Rotterdam in The Netherlands and they participated in as
performers. They have fell in with their views for music and planned concert
availing for the opportunity of Mari's coming to Japan. ISEA(International
Symposium of Electric Arts) is the noticed event which includes great
of concerts, exhibition, and symposium for updated arts by various radical
artists.  ISEA have been held every year in various countries.  They were
selected as performers at ISEA96 because their works and activities which
express new possibility of music were valued highly. Is also interesting
they have met outside of Japan, and perhaps, they could not have a chance to
meet/know each other in Japan instead both of them are Japanese.  What does
this allude ?

In view of considering these backgournd, they have decided to hold this
in Japan.  When you read attached their brief personal records, you might
that they do not anything in common between Mari Kimura and Yasuhiro Ohtani.
Mari Kimura have been playing from classic to contemporary, improvisation
in various style.  She has been performing based in Europe, and all over the
world.  On the other hand, Yasuhiro Ohtani, has been playing jazz,
in underground scene in Japan, and participating various festival/event in

worlds. He has been also composing music for other artists.  What is common
between them ?

Firstly, their policy is that they develop software by themselves which they
use for their performance.  Mari have been developing her own software for

performance by the technique/skill she learned at Stanford University,
Ohtani have learned by himself how to develop software through communication
between wide range of engineers/artistsmaking the best use of Internet and
been developing his own software.

Secondly, both of them are using software developing tool "Max".  Ohtani has
been trying to bring activities of present computer artists in Japan into
as one music scene through serial cover articles on Sound Recording

Thirdly, they do not draw any borderline in their view for music and world.
There are many musicians, who does their own computer music, and are noticed
in the world.  This concert by Mari and Ohtani who lead in this field will
a guide for the present scene in this field.

Actually, there was/would not have been any chance that Mari and Ohtani meet
Japan.  The fact, both of them have met because they have been doing their
activities in the world, is the evidence for the existence of borderline in

Thank you very much. I appriciate your reading this letter.

Sincerely Yours

OTANI Yasuhiro


Date:    Wed, 2 Apr 1997 09:41:24 -0700
From:    Ron Newman 
Subject: faq, hardware requirements

Is there a FAQ for this list?  I'm trying to find out the minimum
requirements for Max and Maxnet.  I have a Classic II (16Mhz 68030, 4M RAM,
System 7.0.1).  Is running Max on it a laughable proposition?
Ron Newman
Troubadour Technology Music


Date:    Wed, 2 Apr 1997 12:53:18 EST
From:    Tom Ritchford 
Subject: Re: faq, hardware requirements

Ron Newman  writes:
>Is there a FAQ for this list?  I'm trying to find out the minimum
>requirements for Max and Maxnet.  I have a Classic II (16Mhz 68030, 4M RAM,
>System 7.0.1).  Is running Max on it a laughable proposition?

I ran Max for years on a Mac Plus (8Mhz 68000, 4MB RAM, System 6.x) and
I wouldn't say it was zippy but it worked....

Can't tell you if 3.x would work, though -- this was several years ago.


Tom Ritchford              

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Date:    Wed, 2 Apr 1997 21:58:43 -0500
From:    Tommy DOG 
Subject: Max Guide

************* REMINDER & UPDATE ***************
Max Guide Info:
Submission E'dress:

All things are rolling along nicely.... I've gotten a wide variety of
submissions from people all over the world. There are who rarely post as
well as some of our favorites. I still need more submissions. If you
haven't done so... I'm hoping the first version will be ready in May.

If you are on AOL and submitted before April 1st, please submit again. I
know it's shocking, but AOL has had some problems for the last couple of
weeks, I only started recieving mail from AOL users yesterday.

If posting a weekly reminder is going to make people uptight, please E
me. I'm not much on form (DUH!!!). I will also start hitting the
usenets. If anyone wants to make any other suggestions, E.
Tommy DOG


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