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Date:    Sun, 30 Mar 1997 12:00:04 -0700
Subject: New to MAX

This is my first time request for info from this group and also  new to
MAX. Please excuse this beginner s question and if it proves to be a
source of annoyance just boot me of the list.

When I purchased MAX (about a month ago), OPCODE provided me with
version 3, then sent out  3.5 and now I ve downloaded 3.5.1. When I ran
version 3 the program would run off a long list of externals that were
loaded into the program. Now when I run 3.5.1 there is no such list
except a short burp of credits. It seems that the version 3.5.1 loads
those externals in the background and does not display what has been
loaded. Correct?



Date:    Sun, 30 Mar 1997 15:34:14 -0500
From:    Jeffrey Krieger 
Subject: movie object

I am working with QT movies and the movie object in MAX and I have a
question.  Let's say I've read several QT movie clips into the movie object
and now I'd like to go from frame to frame using a number box and the mouse,
eventually moving to the next movie.  I connect a number box to the upper
left inlet to the movie object and start to scroll numbers with the mouse.
 My question is what does the range of numbers represent from frame to
 It seems every movie I currently have has a different range from frame 1 to
frame 2, frame 2 to frame 3, etc.  For example, one particular movie might
have a range of from 0 to 200 before it will change to it's 2nd frame.
 Another movie may have a range of from 0 to 14.  Currently I have a MIDI
note scaled to the range of frames in a movie using coll.  So MIDI note #
which is at the bottom of my e-cello's fingerboard, is scaled to the 1st
frame in the QT movie, MIDI note #37 to the 2nd, etc.  I am using a
multiplier to multiple this particular range by the frame I want.  If I
wanted to jump from one particular frame to another in a movie this becomes
problem if I go to the next movie read into the movie object and continue
jumping around because of this range difference.  What does this range
difference mean?  I'd like to prepare all of my QT movies files with the
range so I can easily move from one to the next.  I've tried to compare file
information in a QT movie editing program but was unable to figure it out.

Jeff Krieger


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