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Subject: MAX Digest - 17 Mar 1997 to 18 Mar
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Date:    Tue, 18 Mar 1997 16:35:51 JST
From:    Ito Takashi 


 $B0KEl!!>0;J (J(takashi  ito)
Subject: Realtime Composition Library 3.1 released

An updated version of the "Realtime Composition Library for MAX" (RTC-lib)
has been uploaded to

In this update, all external objects of the RTC-lib have been recompiled
into FAT externals which run with any version of MAX (tested with 3.0 and
3.5, probably they might also run with MAX 2.2 and 2.5) on any Apple
Macintosh (PowerPC, 68k-Macs). I am indebted to Peter Elsea, Richard Dudas
and Serge Lemouton for achieving this, and also to James McCartney, Orm
Finnendahl and Charles Baker who gave the permission to recompile their old
68k externals.

More informations about the update can be retrieved from the RTC-lib
website at:

Please note that the older beta-version of the RTC-lib which is included in
the release of MAX3.5 is obsolete and should be replaced by this new

Beside several bug fixes and additional objects - to many to name them
here, please look at the release notes at:

RTC-lib also comes with several musical examples which demonstrate the use
of algorithmic compositional techniques with MAX:

        LEXIKON-SONATE (1992-97) vs. 1.6
        realtime composition for computer-controlled piano
                using MIDI or Quicktime

        LEXICON-ORACLE (1996-97) vs. 1.2
        a text oracle
                using the Apple SpeechManager

        INTERFERENCES (1996) vs 1.1
        realtime composition for percussion sounds
                using the Quicktime Musical Instruments

Due to the fact that AMAZING MAZE (1996) for sampled sound particles and
optional live performer(s) became such a huge file (according to its sound
recources) it will not be included in this version of the RTC-lib. However,
you can download a PD-version this piece as a seperate file from:

Cheers and happy MAXin',

Dr. Karlheinz Essl
SAMT - Studio for Advanced Music & Media Technology
Bruckner-Konservatorium Linz / Austria

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Date:    Tue, 18 Mar 1997 13:05:34 -0500
From:    Jeffrey Krieger 
Subject: archives

Can anyone tell me where the MAX archives are located?
Thank you.
Jeff Krieger


Date:    Tue, 18 Mar 1997 12:54:42 -0600
From:    MALONE Don A 
Subject: Re: MAX Digest - 15 Mar 1997 to 16 Mar 1997

> Recently I installed MAX 3.0 on a PPC 7500. I don't use OMS or midi
> manager. The notein object fails to recognise midi in!. When I startup
> only the program-file (without internals and externals) the notein
> object works fine (but a lot of patches not, offcourse).
> Can someone tell me what I can do about this problem, and is this
> problem still there in the new MAX 3.5?
I discovered that sometimes if there is any MIDI activity while accessing
the hard drive, MIDIin ceases to function. My culprit was a motion
detector & a mod wheel. It worked with a reboot.

happy tunes,
Lone Monad


End of MAX Digest - 17 Mar 1997 to 18 Mar 1997