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Subject: MAX Digest - 11 Mar 1997 to 12 Mar
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Topics of the day:

  1. Max and the Macintosh Clock
  2. multiple copies (2)
  3. Laserdisc players
  4. Hiding title bars in non-patcher windows
  5. Admin issue


Date:    Wed, 12 Mar 1997 01:32:52 -0500
From:    "Mark H. Wong" 
Subject: Max and the Macintosh Clock

Im working on an environmental Max piece and need help with some timing
My first question being, does anyone have an object that uses the macintosh
clock as a timing mechanism, and examples of usage?  Any sort of clock
examples would also be good.
Also, is there a way, other than creating a look up table, to trigger from a
temporal event such as sunrise and sunset?
Any help would be appreciated!


Date:    Tue, 11 Mar 1997 23:09:58 -0800
From:    David Zicarelli 
Subject: Re: multiple copies

Stephen Kay writes:

>I am receiving multiple copies of messages, sometimes even 3 copies.  Part
>of my problem is that compuserve allowed us to change our addresses, so now
>I can't unsubscribe from the old address.

Eudora Pro users should be able to figure out a filter that automatically
trashes messages that come from the Max mailing list to the "recipients"
that can't be deleted from the mailing list. If you look at the full
header of the message, you'll see that your e-mail address in the
"Received:" field is different for each of the copies. Just have the
filter check for a message header that contains "" and
specific e-mail addresses.

I suggest everyone start learning to use filters now because the
internet advertising world is gearing up to flood us with junk
e-mail. Indeed, when I write my sophisticated "screening" e-mail
client you can bet I'm going to announce it by sending e-mail to
everyone in the world!

>But the real issue is that repeated messages to the "list owner" Sean
>Terriah elicit absolutely no response or action whatsoever. I've sent my
>fourth or fifth one today.

I thought the new list owner was Christopher Murtagh. Have we forgotten
the flurry of activity in mid-December when Mr. Terriah told us the list
was going away?

David Z.


Date:    Wed, 12 Mar 1997 09:03:14 +0100
From:    "Dr. Karlheinz Essl" 
Subject: Re: multiple copies

Stephen Kay wrote:

> But the real issue is that repeated messages to the "list owner" Sean
> Terriah elicit absolutely no response or action whatsoever.

As far as I know, Sean Terriah is not the list owner any more. The list was
about to be shut down, but fortunately it was taken over by another person
at McGill whose name I don't remember.


Date:    Wed, 12 Mar 1997 14:03:16 +0000
From:    Pavel Smetana 
Subject: Re: Laserdisc players

> Date:    Tue, 11 Mar 1997 16:36:42 EST
> From:    Roland Hemming <100414.2220@COMPUSERVE.COM>
> Subject: Laserdisc players
> Has anyone much experience with controlling Sony Laserdisc players? Are
> commands similar to the Pioneer one using the VDP object?
> Roland

You must create a new patch.
You need for this all strings (control commands)  for your Sony  Laser Disc
For exemple  - PLAY forward normal :
3AH (hexadecimal) send in decimal = 58, 64 to the "serial"  obj. It's
possible with CAV disc and not with CLV.

You need also the interface manual providing instructions for the Sony LDP
serie videodisc player  with RS-232C interface(LDP 2000, 15000,1550,
1600P,1200, 3300, 3600).



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Date:    Wed, 12 Mar 1997 15:23:17 -0500
From:    David Rokeby 
Subject: Re: Hiding title bars in non-patcher windows

Thanks to David and Fred for replying.

>Use the intuitively named WSHADOWPROC constant as part of the
>flags you pass to wind_new.

I had already figured this out and was using it for my movieplus object
but I was experiencing a lot af crashes. I was disposing of the existing
window and creating a new one without title bar for the movie display. I
assume that I get in trouble with quicktime somewhere, where it assumes
that it is put place the next movie frame in a GrafPort that no longer
exists, but that it has remembered, so I was hoping to find someway of
removing the titlebar without creating a new window. (I suspect that even
hiding the movie window might crash quicktime?? but I have not verified

Any insights, corroborations, etc would be welcome.

David Rokeby

P.S. once I get this finished I will release the movieplus FAT object at
the usual sites (as promised many months ago)

(For those who don't remember and use quicktime with MAX:
movieplus is a modification of the movie object adding:

1/ live movie position and scaling within the window
2/ message controlled window positioning and sizing (allows you to easily
position a movie in the 8500's 640 x 480 or 320 x 240 line-doubled video
out window.
3/ "clip" based play, looping, reverse-looping (i.e. "loop 200 400" plays
from frame 200 to frame 400 in a continuous loop)
4/ background colour manipulation (so that you can have a movie
surrounded by a black (or any other coloured (or changing coloured??)
frame, and have this background colour fill in vacated space when the
movie's position/size in the window changes
5/ force loading as much movie into RAM as possible - allows very fast
video interactions if your movie is short or memory is large

               David ROKEBY - Very Nervous Systems


Date:    Thu, 13 Mar 1997 07:19:37 +1000
From:    David Rodger 
Subject: Admin issue

Sean Terriah  wrote

> Max Del

(I believe as a salve to Stephen Kay's problem stated earlier)

Shouldn't this go to the listserv rather than the mailing address?
One would expect a person like Sean to know, unless he was exemplifying
the appropriate actions for those who needed to know or forwrding it
as evidence of having taken action.




End of MAX Digest - 11 Mar 1997 to 12 Mar 1997