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  1. math functions in Max externals for 3.5
  2. max & internet


Date:    Fri, 7 Mar 1997 18:21:23 +0000
From:    Nick Rothwell 
Subject: Re: math functions in Max externals for 3.5

>Incidentally, in the beginning I didn't want to make the switch, fearing
>the new learning durve of changing development platforms (plus the
>expense), but having made the switch, I can only say CodeWarrior is a far
>_far_ superior programming environment (at least for doing externals), and
>I've never looked back.  I highly recommend it.

As and when I feel like moving to PPC from my collection of 68K Macs, I'll
probably do this.

>Anyone want to buy a used copy of THINK C, CD-ROM, v8.0?

On the other hand, THINK C went off the rails when Symantec tried to
bulldoze the Zortech C++ compiler into it. I still use the Kahl Object-C
compiler (with 7.0 of the project manager, I think, for GNU Emacs
interfacing) and it works fine.

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Date:    Fri, 7 Mar 1997 16:53:44 -0500
From:    Michael Sweet 
Subject: Re: max & internet

I communicated over TCP networks with a similar object to the TELNET
object.  I've used the UDPSend and UDPReceive objects (less reliable than
telnet because packets are not guaranteed to get to their destination, more
similar to http protocol).  I've had great success with them, we even wrote
unix code to speak back and forth to the UDP objects.

The only problems I've had were related to TCP initialization and shut-down.

There was also some mention on this list about an 3.5 object that supports
max-speak across the internet.  This next part was taken from the 3.5 info
sheet David Z. put out in December.

>>* New Objects *
>>      * wc--client for connecting multiple MAX users together
>>      on the internet

I would love to hear from someone who's used the wc client, I haven't
upgraded yet.



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