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Subject: MAX Digest - 7 Feb 1997 to 8 Feb
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  1. MIDI System sw
  2. MAX Digest - 5 Feb 1997 to 6 Feb 1997
  3. Joystick as MAX input device?


Date:    Sat, 8 Feb 1997 06:53:13 +0000
From:    Tod Fiste 
Subject: Re: MIDI System sw


Wish I could help, but my MIDI setup is pretty basic (and several years old)
compared to what you're doing.  I have a question for you, though: why did
choose the 7600 as opposed to, say, one of the faster 603e chip mac clones?
am preparing to make the leap to a new Mac and I'm trying to figure out if
there's any reason NOT to go with one of Power Computing's well-regarded
603e-based Power Base machines (which are considerably cheaper than Apple's
offerings).  I fear running into problems with issues other than CPU speed
I get into digital recording.  Anything you might know would be helpful.



David Crandall wrote:
> Now that I have my shiny new 7600 at home, I'm going round again on the
> question of the best setup in terms of MIDI drivers, etc. for use with
> Max, Deck and an to-be-determined new MIDI sequencer (still using
> MidiPaint, for Pete's sake!!), as well as ultimately ProTools/DAE
> PowerMix.


Date:    Sat, 8 Feb 1997 11:10:13 -0400
From:    Galo Patricio Moncayo Asan 
Subject: Re: MAX Digest - 5 Feb 1997 to 6 Feb 1997

I would like your help, Im plannig on getting a new computer, and I'll
use it for audio-production and a bit of video, I want to know wich
software, and hardware are good, and also if a power-book could be a
good option as well.


Date:    Sat, 8 Feb 1997 15:24:00 MST
From:    Adam Schabtach 
Subject: Joystick as MAX input device?

[I'll start out by admitting that I'm a videogame junkie. I spend more time
than I should beating on my Mac keyboard, fending off animated assailants
in various hypothetical universes. My latest addiction is Descent. It's a
lovely game, but it's almost impossible to play effectively without a
joystick, an item which I do not yet have.]

Does anyone know whether the Gravis Firebird joystick can somehow be used
as an input device for MAX? I don't have one yet, so I don't know how the
thing communicates with the Mac, and hence whether its data can somehow be
received by MAX. If nothing else, if Gravis supplies information on their
software driver, I could probably cobble up a MAX external to bridge the

I'm not sure how useful it would really be, but being able to use the
joystick with MAX as well as my games would help me rationalize the
purchase.  :-)


Adam Schabtach  +  +
  "Avoid trying to make songs: create them when you're not looking.
   In fact, avoid trying to make music."     --Brian Eno


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