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Subject: MAX Digest - 27 Jan 1997 to 28 Jan
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Topics of the day:

  1. quite upset indeed... (2)
  2. DMX 512
  3. re quite upset indeed
  4. Summer Workshops at Oberlin 97
  5. pqe rambles on


Date:    Tue, 28 Jan 1997 02:15:05 EST
From:    Nick Longo <71477.2332@COMPUSERVE.COM>
Subject: quite upset indeed...

Don't sweat it too much, Stephen, you can't pay for this kind of publicity.


Date:    Tue, 28 Jan 1997 12:25:05 +0100
From:    Jeffrey Burns 
Subject: DMX 512

Up to now I've found two sources of equipment to produce DMX 512. (I found
these with the kind help of Issac Roth.) The first ist a NuBus/PCI board
from Pthalo Systems - (sean adkins). I have received
printed information on this system and it looks very professional. The
producer claims that Disneyland bought six of them. Unfortunately, it costs
$1495/1695 for the two versions respectively. (A third PC version is
somewhat more reasonable.) A much cheaper solution is offered by CDS
advanced technology Mirko Pelgrom . This gentleman refused to
send me printed material, claiming that pre-digital forms of communication
are obsolete. His product is an external box which is attached to the MIDI
interface or the serial port (I'm not sure which). I'm somewhat sceptical
of dealing with someone who refuses to provide me with the material I
desire, and, therefore, I'm apprehensive of sending him blindly the
admitedly modest sum of 695 Dutch Florins that he wants for his black box.
If anyone has tried it out, I would appreciate hearing of their

Jeff Burns


Date:    Tue, 28 Jan 1997 07:41:16 EST
From:    Roland Hemming <100414.2220@COMPUSERVE.COM>
Subject: quite upset indeed...

Richard Dudas:
>Let's compare this whole situation with that of the Hemming/Bleadsdale

The reason we distributed them was as a 'might as well' release. The
objects are either significant projects that require us to give tech support
form part of the 'look and feel' of our own software and are worth more to

Distributing them for free means we can change them at any time. If we want
change the name, messages, file format etc we can and anyone who is using
has no redress because they are getting something for nothing. With
objects he is obliged to keep compatibliity, fix bugs etc as we will have
for them. This is the fundemental difference and why they are worth $50 and

I offer tech support for our objects anyway but only because I get the odd
message about them. If a bug was found that didn't affect me we wouldn't
necessarily fix it - not that our objects have any bugs in them anyway :-)

Nick Rothwell wrote:
>Then again, Roland, can you honestly claim that paying for packages or
>products from our exclusive distributors always results in technical
>support of a useful kind?

No, not always but in Stephen Kay's case I think he will provide it if
necessary. He seems a decent chap...



Date:    Tue, 28 Jan 1997 14:54:27 +0100
From:    dudas 
Subject: re quite upset indeed

sorry, the shift key is not working on this computer
neither is the period, (nor most of the other punctuation marks, for that
matter) i feel a little bit like e, e, cummings


stephen kay writes,
>Well, feel free to offer to port the rest of the Ellison objects that I
>haven't offered to do yet :-)

ok, it,s worth a try,,, which ones, (question mark)
what do you think about the idea, steve (question mark)
and there are the gary lee nelson objects, too
gary, since you provided the source on the ftp servers, may i go ahead and
port these to codewarrior and recompile for max three point five (aaargh
the numbers don,t even work, exclamation point), or would you prefer, or
otherwise get enjoyment out of doing yourself, (question mark)
as always, the updated source will be put on the server, following your
initial example,

stephen kay writes,
>We both beta tested, we both got it for free, and the amount of time I put
>in testing it would be worth far more than the $99 I saved.

i gave my precious time in the middle of the night on my off hours and
wasn,t expecting anything in return from opcode, it was quite a nice
surprise that they went ahead and offered copies to all of us who did the
i know that max is not a best seller like photoshop or studio vision, and
thus feel the need to do my part to help keep it alive and kicking as a
service to all those out there who think its the greatest thing since the
invention of the wheel,
i often get the wierd impression that this program,s life is hanging on a
thread, and know that together we can all keep the max,ing going
yes, call it idealism or call it folly, but that,s my point of view



Date:    Tue, 28 Jan 1997 11:01:00 -0400
Subject: Summer Workshops at Oberlin 97

The Conservatory of Music at Oberlin College invites you to
participate in the twelfth annual series of workshops in electronic
and computer music, June 15-29, 1997. The workshops are
designed for high school and college students, teachers,
professional musicians, and hobbyists. These workshops are for
anyone who wants to enrich their understanding of new music

The workshops are Macintosh based and the topics we cover

       sequencing (Vision, MusicShop, Performer)
       music printing (Finale)
       synthesizer programming (Galaxy)
       sampling (Sound Designer, Alchemy, TurboSynth)
       alternate MIDI controllers
       algorithmic composition (MAX)

For more information about the Workshops in Electronic and
Computer Music, contact:

       Office of Outreach Programs
       Conservatory of Music, Oberlin College
       Oberlin, OH 44074

or have a look at our web page at:



Date:    Tue, 28 Jan 1997 10:29:54 -0800
From:    Peter Elsea 
Subject: pqe rambles on

Thanks to Butch Rovan for giving the definitive word on powerbooks, and
thanks for the helpful comments of others.  After upgrading to OMS 2.0, the
problem of loosing MIDI after going to sleep is cured. As for lost
messages- the 1400 is a litle farther from the verge than most I guess.
With a MIDI translator (I've tried a couple) 99 out of 100 messages get
through. That 100th is delayed a second or so, or lost entirely. The older
powered boxes - studio +2, the original translator pro, don't work at all.
Unfortunately, under Opcode's current marketing plan, the cheapest powered
interface is $300! And it's a full width rack mount! and I need 2 of them.
Maybe they could be persuaded to put a battery in a Translator for
Powerbook users?

My other technical problem of the day:  I have a 9500 running 3.0, been
flawless for a year now. This week, when I launch Max for the first time
after boot-up, I get a buss error, unless I launch and quit MaxPlay. I
vaguely remember this coming up before. What's the solution?

The demo file I posted yesterday had a typo (miscalculating the Dudas
number), and would be fooled by 5 note chords. I've put up a new one with
those problems fixed. ( I suppose there are others. I'll just disclam that
these are examples meant to illuminate the technique and not bulletproof

Peter Elsea
Electronic Music Studios
University of California, Santa Cruz


End of MAX Digest - 27 Jan 1997 to 28 Jan 1997